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News Releases


[09-11-2014] Authorized Reseller Is Presenting Tickets For Snoop Dogg Roma Atlantico Show Of 19th October

[09-11-2014] Sentiment Trader's Premium ELITE VIP Membership Plan Is A New Initiative Based On Five Years On Bull Market

[09-11-2014] introduces affordable carpet cleaning services with state of art equipments in Peterborough

[09-11-2014] Bear Tarot Lists The Top Four Sites For Free Tarot Reading

[09-11-2014] IT Advocate Introduces On Site Support And Emergency Response Services


[09-11-2014] Human Anatomy General Speedy Study Guides, Speedy Publishing's New Education & Reference Book Published

[09-11-2014] Herbal Remedies For Healing With Home Remedies, Speedy Publishing's New Health, Fitness & Dieting Book Published

[09-11-2014] Heart (Advanced) Speedy Study Guides, Speedy Publishing's New Education & Reference Book Published

[09-11-2014] Healthy Cooking Books: 3 Healthy Cooking Diets, Speedy Publishing's New Cookbooks, Food & Wine Book Published

[09-11-2014] Kama Sutra Sexual Positions, Speedy Publishing's New Humor & Entertainment Book Published

[09-11-2014] Joey Takes A Stand, Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published

[09-11-2014] James Goes To The Fair, Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published

[09-11-2014] I'd like to be an Event Planner, Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published

[09-11-2014] Kevin and the Ketchup Mystery, Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published

[09-11-2014] I'd like to be an Architect, Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published

[09-11-2014] Keep Calm and Buy This Journal, Speedy Publishing's New Other Book Published

[09-11-2014] I'd like to be a Scientist, Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published

[09-11-2014] I'd like to be a Flight Attendant, Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published

[09-11-2014] I'd like to be a Paramedic, Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published

[09-11-2014] I'd like to be a Fashion Designer, Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published

[09-11-2014] Luther Tells A Lie, Speedy Publishing's New Children's Content Book Published

[09-11-2014] How to Apply Makeup With Beauty Recipes Made Easy, Speedy Publishing's New Crafts, Hobbies & Home Book Published

[09-11-2014] Horse Training For Beginners, Speedy Publishing's New Crafts, Hobbies & Home Book Published

[09-11-2014] Clearview Home Energy Solutions Says Go Green

[09-11-2014] IBIS Edu to be the 1st Company to offer PACS CPD Certification in the Middle East

[09-11-2014] Reviews Testosterone, Legal Steroids, Boosters and Bodybuilding Supplements

[09-11-2014] The Italian Book club Creator Dr Conforto Talks About The Importance Of The Book Club

[09-11-2014] New Website Muscle and Cuts Offers the Best in Bodybuilding Supplement Reviews and Special Offers

[09-11-2014] Monnit Announces New Cellular Partner Program

[09-11-2014] Dr. Mark Gonsewski of Eufaula Dental Completes Patients’ Smiles with Dental Bridges in Eufaula, AL

[09-11-2014] Dr. Tim Hughes of Hughes Chiropractic and Wellness Center Provides Intersegmental Traction in Texas City, TX

[09-11-2014] Dr. Hanah Pham of Reston Sunrise Dentistry Restores Smiles with Dental Bridges in Reston, VA

[09-11-2014] Dr. Chulhwan J. Kim of Bloomfield Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Uses Crowns to Restore and Protect Smiles in Bloomfield, CT

[09-11-2014] Dr. Anthony Ceccacci of Madison Avenue Smiles Screens for Oral Cancer with Velscope in New York, NY

[09-11-2014] Dr. Shital Kazi of Lewelling Dental Care Offers Several Orthodontic Options in San Lorenzo, CA

[09-11-2014] Gillette, WY Chiropractor, Dr. Kim Maycock Aids in the Recovery Process by Offering Therapeutic Exercise Regimens

[09-11-2014] Dr. Dawn Berta of Berta Chiropractic Provides Flexion Distraction to Treat Pain in Bettendorf, IA

[09-11-2014] Dr. James Thedford of Apple Dental Provides Teeth Whitening Services in San Antonio and Schertz, TX

[09-11-2014] Fairfield, CT Dentist, Dr. Keith Rudolph Keeps Patients Comfortable with Various Sedation Options

[09-11-2014] Dr. Navtej S. Tatla Saves Teeth From Infection with Root Canal Therapy in Chico, CA

[09-11-2014] College Dropout Sells Video Space to Make $1,000,000 for Family

[09-11-2014] The Trend Wallet is the Newest and Hottest Fashion Accessory

[09-11-2014] Infinite SEO services offers Innovative, Effective and Economical SEO services for Online Success

[09-11-2014] Yacon Syrup Highly Recommended for Diabetic Patients

[09-11-2014] Student Economy Is On The Rise With Explorite Connecting College Students With The Services And Products They Need From Other Students

[09-11-2014] Spray Foam Solutions is Changing Trench Breakers in Ohio

[09-11-2014] So You Are A Student. Why Not Buy And Sell With Other Students In Your Campus

[09-11-2014] Shanghai Tokyo Café Brings Unique Asian Flavor to the College Park Restaurant Scene

[09-11-2014] Safest Classifieds For College Students Now Open At UMass Amherst

[09-11-2014] Oklahomans Turn to Dr. Tim Kirby for Emergency Dental Care in Oklahoma City

[09-11-2014] Oklahoma Truss Company Builds Truss Systems to Withstand Forceful Winds

[09-11-2014] Ohio Business Coach Teaches Local Business Owners to Price Appropriately

[09-11-2014] Kansas Spray Foam Experts Answer Most Popular Questions About Spray Foam

[09-11-2014] CrossFit Workout Becomes a Fitness Phenomenom

[09-11-2014] College Classifieds - Explorite Connects Students With What They Need – TextBooks, Roommates, Carpooling And More

[09-11-2014] Clinically Researched, Safe Supplement Helps Athletes Build Muscle

[09-11-2014] California Realty Experts Introduces Community Coaching Seminars

[09-11-2014] California Realty Experts Becomes Gold Sponsor of Salute To Heroes Event

[09-11-2014] Baltimore Get A Chance To Enjoy "Favorite Things" Sponsored by JMD Entertainment & Media Group

[09-11-2014] Crystal Clear IPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Soon To Be Launched

[09-11-2014] More Workers May Now Qualify For the Earned Income Tax Credit

[09-11-2014] New Book “The Essential Fiverr Buyer's Guide” Teaches the Ins and Outs of Navigating Outsourcing on Fiverr for Success

[09-11-2014] Vtiger to SuiteCRM Migration: Free Data2CRM Breakthrough

[09-11-2014] "Thank You Day" $5.00 off Coupon at LT Organics

[09-11-2014] Fastcreditcardapprovals.Com Brings In A Reliable Credit Card Comparison Platform For Different Financial Needs

[09-11-2014] DUCTZ of Glendale Air Duct Cleaning is Identified by Angie's List as a Super Service Professional

[09-11-2014] DUCTZ of Phoenix Duct Cleaning Contractor is Acknowledged by Angie's List as a Super Service Business

[09-11-2014] ARISE Presents its Independent Living Skills Curriculum Package for Organizations Working with At-Risk Teens so They Can Thrive on their Own

[09-11-2014] LDB Commends ESA on New Anti-Boycott Resolution

[09-11-2014] Chip4Power Provides Free Performance Modification Test Drives

[09-11-2014] Trooper Arrests Rapist, Arsonist and a Carload of Burglars: Outskirts Press’ “My Life's Highway”

[09-11-2014] Rodeo Rider Faces Notorious Bull and His Own Demons: Outskirts Press Publishes Twice in a Lifetime

[09-11-2014] Man Has Mystical Bond with Blue-eyed Wolf: Ascendai: The Destiny Crest Published by Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] Remarkable Woman’s Honesty and Charm in Face of Terminal Illness: 12 Agonal Breaths Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] A Poetic Earthly Journey to a Promising Spiritual Path: Without Rhyme Published by Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] Jewish Teen Joins Irgun to Fight for Jewish Homeland: Six Corners of The Star from Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] The Weapons of Christian Warfare: The Secret Weapons Hidden in God's Light from Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] Dual Language Guide to Kids’ Creativity, Self-esteem: Outskirts Press’ Making (Your) Kids Smarter

[09-11-2014] Cop Takes on Terrorist’s Poisonous Gas Threat: Death Cruise Published by Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] How CIO’s Gain Traction with Their Colleagues: The C-Suite CIO Published by Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] Practical Truths about Universal Life Insurance: The Great Retirement Hoax from Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] New How-to Manual Victory Goes to the Business with Superior Systems Published by Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] Lady Physicist Explores Travel to the World of Quarks: The Twelfth Dimension from Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] Working Man Struggles to Save His Sanity and Integrity: Forward Time Expired from Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] Green Tech Manual Cooling Tower Fundamentals & Best Design Practices Published by Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] How to Build Confidence and Tenacity from Wisdom: Wisdom Manifested Published by Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] ‘Where We Belong’ by Bestselling Author Catherine Ryan Hyde is a Top Hit On iPublisher News

[09-11-2014] Android Hotspot turns an Android Phone into a Wireless Hotspot Quickly and Easily

[09-11-2014] University of Toledo LaunchPad Incubation Program Awards Blue Water Satellite $50,000 Business Development Grant

[09-11-2014] IRI Triples Number of Data Formats It Processes and Protects


[09-11-2014] Free Insightly CRM Migration: Data2CRM Long-Awaited Release

[09-11-2014] Consumer Test Finds That T25 vs. P90x3 Don't Compare to Max Workouts

[09-11-2014] London Wedding Photographer Offers Wedding and Portrait photography in Essex

[09-11-2014] Udocase.Com Presents Innovative And Water Proof Dog Face Shaped Marc Jacobs Case For Iphone 5 Users

[09-11-2014] IGXE Offers Reasonable FIREFALL Credits For Firefall Crystite Lovers

[09-11-2014] YouCopia Introduces Crazy New Take on Lazy Susan Carousel



[09-11-2014] Iwantaspeaker Says Public Speakers Not Turning Up Cost Organisers Thousands Of Pounds

[09-11-2014] San Diego, CA Dentist, Dr. Joseph Mara Provides Mini Implants as a Non-Surgical Alternative to Dental Implants

[09-11-2014] Dr. David Mote of Mote Wellness & Rehab, Inc. Provides Custom Foot Orthotics for Better Health in Boynton Beach, FL

[09-11-2014] Dr. Eskandar Simhaee of Simhaee Cosmetics Offers Non-surgical Laser Vaginal Tightening for Urinary Incontinence in Manhasset, NY

[09-11-2014] Dr. James J. Schneider and Dr. Aaron J. Cregger Use Identafi for Oral Cancer Screenings in St. Louis, MO

[09-11-2014] Temecula, CA Dentist, Dr. Joseph Mara Brightens Smiles with Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

[09-11-2014] Dr. Kenneth J. Sullivan Transforms Smiles with Veneers in Point Pleasant, NJ

[09-11-2014] Richmond Hill, Ontario Chiropractor, Dr. Judith Snider Provides Custom Foot Orthotics to Improve Posture and Alignment

[09-11-2014] Growblox Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: GBLX) Featured in Huffington Post Article "Biotechnology's Response to the Burgeoning Medical-Marijuana Industry"

[09-11-2014] Vapor Group, Inc. Engages Franchise Attorney, Harold L. Kestenbaum, PC, and Embarks on Franchising of its Brands

[09-11-2014] MyPro Ceramic Blade Mandoline Slicer Now Available From Amazon

[09-11-2014] DTC LifeTools Kicks Off Media Blitz For National Emergency Preparedness Month

[09-11-2014] Turkey Agribusiness Report Q4 2014 - New Market Research Report

[09-11-2014] Recent Study: Home Insecticides in the Philippines

[09-11-2014] New market study, "Retail Tissue in South Korea", has been published

[09-11-2014] Market Report, "Philippines Freight Transport Report Q4 2014", published

[09-11-2014] Now Available: Mexico Infrastructure Report Q4 2014

[09-11-2014] Other Pet Food in Finland - New Report Available

[09-11-2014] Recent Study: Tobacco in Sweden

[09-11-2014] New Market Research Report: Vietnam Freight Transport Report Q4 2014

[09-11-2014] Now Available: Japan Infrastructure Report Q4 2014

[09-11-2014] New Report Available: Indonesia Agribusiness Report Q4 2014

[09-11-2014] New Market Research Report: Mexico Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report Q4 2014

[09-11-2014] Recent Study: Australia Freight Transport Report Q4 2014

[09-11-2014] Now Available: China Mining Report Q4 2014

[09-11-2014] New Report Available: Papua New Guinea Oil & Gas Report Q4 2014

[09-11-2014] Colon Carcinoma - Pipeline Review, H2 2014 - New Report Available

[09-11-2014] Report Published: "Algeria Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report Q4 2014"

[09-11-2014] Shauna Schneider Serves Magline Customers and Dealers in Idaho

[09-11-2014] Seegrid Explores Innovation for Manufacturing Labor Challenges

[09-11-2014] PDP Solutions Video Explains Communication Techniques That Increase Manufacturing Shop Floor Productivity

[09-11-2014] Picking Perfection News Magazine Discusses Picking Design in Warehouse

[09-11-2014] China’s NdFeB output was 94 kt, accounting for 91.0% of the global output in 2013

[09-11-2014] Mike and Bren Review and Begin Work with the IPAS2 System

[09-11-2014] Mark Stephenson Of Classic Holidays Appointed To ATHOC Hall Of Fame

[09-11-2014] DAE Partners With Youngcare To Change Young Lives

[09-11-2014] DAE USA Moves To New Phoenix Office

[09-11-2014] The Player Becomes the Teacher: Doug Weaver of Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort

[09-11-2014] The Carolina Inn, A Destination Hotel, Introduces Jim Moss as Director of Sales and Marketing

[09-11-2014] Peoria Air duct Cleaning Professional Recognized for their Prompt Response following a Fire at La Petite Academy

[09-11-2014] Duct Cleaning Scottsdale Specialist Appreciated for their Quick Solution Following a Fire at La Petite Academy

[09-11-2014] Gilbert Air Duct Cleaning Contractor Hailed for Immediate Solution Following a Fire at La Petite Academy

[09-11-2014] DUCTZ of Tucson Ductwork Cleaning is Recognized by Angie's List as a Super Service Professional

[09-11-2014] Essencell Cosmetics Releases Professional Grade Makeup Brush Set

[09-11-2014] Gmacs Launches SleepTight Mask By G7 On Amazon

[09-11-2014] Popular Derbyshire Outside Event Catering Specialist Extends to Corporate Event Catering

[09-11-2014] Abbeycare Clinics Now Providing Multiple Detox Options For Addiction Recovery



[09-11-2014] Liori Diamonds Custom Design Collections Brings Out the Beauty in Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings


[09-11-2014] Critical Eye Products Changes Shipping Policies For Better Product And Service Delivery


[09-11-2014] Ultriva Addresses Supply Chain Pain Points in Recent Survey Results

[09-11-2014] TraceGains Offers Webinar to Support Food Manufacturers Expediting Seamless Audits

[09-11-2014] Systems Insights Will Sobel Talks about MTConnect at IMTS Booth E-4736

[09-11-2014] Seegrid and DMLogic Partnership Profiled in Food Logistics

[09-11-2014] PDP Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership with Employee Engagement Institute

[09-11-2014] Dazzletag Entertainment “Welcomes You... to Jurassic Park”™

[09-11-2014] Progressive Big Bang Goes Twice In 11 Days

[09-11-2014] Spyder D's Greatest Skits Volume One To Hit Digital Retail Outlets Worldwide on 9/11

[09-11-2014] A Professional PDF Number Tool Now is Available for Download at

[09-11-2014] HTML5 Flip Book Maker Updated by FlipHTML5 Now Offers More Powerful Digital Publishing Services

[09-11-2014] Animation Textbook Software Launched by FlipBuilder Helps A Lot in Online Education

[09-11-2014] Little Creek Casino Resort Honored by Casino Player for Best Spa, Golf, Roulette and Promotions

[09-11-2014] Sanitary Pumps market to grow at a CAGR of 4.21 percent by 2018

[09-11-2014] Non-small Cell Lung Cancer market to grow at a CAGR of 3.62 percent by 2018

[09-11-2014] Fractional Horsepower Motor market to grow at a CAGR of 6.15 percent by 2018

[09-11-2014] Wind Energy O&M market to grow at a CAGR of 12.7 percent by 2018

[09-11-2014] Seafreight Forwarding market to grow at a CAGR of 3.8 percent by 2018

[09-11-2014] Automotive IC market to grow at a CAGR of 9.85 percent by 2018

[09-11-2014] Low Rolling Resistance Truck and Bus Radial Tire market in Europe to grow at a CAGR of 6.23 percent by 2018

[09-11-2014] AccuBoost Technology to be presented at the American Society for Therapeutic Radiation and Oncology (ASTRO)

[09-11-2014] eScan receives AV-Test Certification for its Mac OS X security product

[09-11-2014] Shabbat San Diego to hold San Diego's largest ever Jewish event.

[09-11-2014] Nurse Earns Advanced Degrees to Achieve Career Goals

[09-11-2014] $1597 Supply Management Boot Camp Scholarship

[09-11-2014] High Roller Picks .Info added to the 5 Star Plays™ by 5 Star Babes™ Free Sports Picks & NFL Handicappers Network…

[09-11-2014] The Wharf42 Live! Series: Oren Gershtein Presents

[09-11-2014] Bride and Vendors Register to attend St. Croix Caribbean Wedding Expo

[09-11-2014] Quick Sale provides services pertaining to sales of property in the UK

[09-11-2014] Latest Scientific Research Discovers Yacon Benefits For Weight Loss

[09-11-2014] Sonic Stream Radio streams non-commercial music unfiltered

[09-11-2014] Android Apps Offering Online Hair Style Choosing Options

[09-11-2014] 'Web Profit Classroom' revealing Tips To Create YouTube Traffic

[09-11-2014] 'Web Profit Classroom' Helping Beginners Make Money Via Affiliate Marketing

[09-11-2014] Insurance Software Systems Featured on the Next Edition of 21st Century Television

[09-11-2014] Credit Union Mobile Banking Apps Presented this Week on 21st Century Television

[09-11-2014] Nathan Garnett Consulting Offers Small Businesses the Chance to Create Review Branding Commercials

[09-11-2014] Dallas Tax Attorney Nick Nemeth Publishes New Article With Tips To Help Taxpayers Avoid IRS Trouble

[09-11-2014] Enterprise Collaboration Summit DC Explores How New Technologies, Business Processes and Inter-Personal Communication is Altering the Competitive Landscape.

[09-11-2014] Spicy Pork Tenderloin On The Grill

[09-11-2014] After 8 Years, Metis Clinics Offers More than a Clinic, a Long Term friendship

[09-11-2014] BACK9NETWORK Set To Launch Sept. 29th on DIRECT TV

[09-11-2014] Three Bank Robbers Successfully Stay Hidden for Ten Years: The Chase Published by Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] Christian Call-to-Arms: People of God Speak Up! The World's Gone Crazy! Published by Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] Snooping and Psychiatric Therapy Help Sort Out a Murder: Hairdresser Published by Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] New Juvenile Self-help Book “Yes! You Can Be Whom You Want to Be!” Published by Outskirts Press

[09-11-2014] New Catalogue of Great, Unfamiliar Hispanic Artists: Hispanic Profiles Published by Outskirts Press


[09-11-2014] New Zealanders Begin Selling IPhone 5 Armbands.

[09-11-2014] Wamber Launches New Waterproof Picnic Blanket In Red

[09-11-2014] Alamatalternatif recently releases a new website that allows poker enthusiast for bigger gaming list.

[09-11-2014] Framingnailerhub all set to supply convenient nail framing machines in the market

[09-11-2014] Lovely online tattoo site announces another safe tattoo studio to cater all kinds of tattoo making

[09-11-2014] Encino Family Dental offers experienced and advanced services at affordable price

[09-11-2014] Encino Family Dental offers experienced and advanced services at affordable price

[09-11-2014] Penguin announces launching of innovative ideas with new web design London.

[09-11-2014] Alegantpremiums announces a wedding gift theme online store in Singapore.

[09-11-2014] Photoframes announced setting up of unique framing effects studio in Malaysia.

[09-11-2014] Teamspeak servers hosting launches customization service on trial basis.

[09-11-2014] Smart Custom Writing lauded as one of the most reliable essay writing companies

[09-11-2014] Global Flooring Market By Product (Soft Coverings, Resilient Flooring, Non-Resilient Flooring) By 2020

[09-11-2014] Global Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3) And Fluorine Gas (F2) Market Competitive Landscape, Industry Size, Segment: Grand View Research

[09-11-2014] Specialty Pulp And Paper Chemicals (Papermaking, Paper recycling) Market Market Size, Segments, Growth Prospects By 2020

[09-11-2014] Home Healthcare Global Market By Product (Therapeutic, Diagnostic Equipment, Mobility Assist, Diabetes Monitor) By 2020

[09-11-2014] Global 1,3 Butadiene (BD) Market By Application (SBR, Butadiene Rubber, SB Latex) Trends, Market Outlook and Forecast to 2020

[09-11-2014] Discosource Professional DJs Cites How Important Music and Entertainment are to Weddings

[09-11-2014] Cheap-Seo-Service.Com Introduces Affordable Seo Services For Every Business Type

[09-11-2014] Premier Disco Introduces Affordable Mobile Disco And Dj Hire Services In Edinburgh

[09-11-2014] Nridealexpert.Com Offers A Comprehensive Financial Plan Comparison Site For Nris And Pios

[09-11-2014] Hip-Hop Rap Artist Chrome Releases New Single "M.L.K", a Tribute to Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Martin Luther King - Now Available at

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