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Early Birds for the coming of the Chinese New Year Eve 2015

The Chinese New Year Eve 2015 is approaching, and all the Chinese people now begin to make the full preparation to celebrate the New Year Eve for the fareware of the past year and celebration of the Chinese New Year 2015.


“The New Year Eve, is one of the most important and solemn time before entering the New Year. With the long history of the traditional Chinese culture, and the kinds of the customs succeeded from the ancestors are conducted today, which definitely reflects the unique culture of the nation” The deputy of the Intangible Cultural Institute of People’s Republic.


Before the New Year Eve 2015, the red couplets, door God, or the paper cut decorations on the door head are all glued on the doors. And the lucky money wrapped in the red paper should also early prepared for the little children.


The red couplets always come from the poets or the proverbs for the pray of the smooth and prosperous life in the coming year.


And the door Gods came from Tang Dynasty, the ,Qin Shubao and Yuchi Jinde, who were the excellent guardian in palace for the emperor Tang Taizong-Lishiming, were painted and then stuck on the doors to protect the safety of the palace. Therefore, people began to stick them on the doors during New Year to pray for health and safe in the new year.


“We Chinese people have the ultimate passion for the red, because the red means the good luck and happiness. Red, corresponding with fire, symbolizes good fortune and joy. And red exists everywhere during Chinese New Year and other holidays and family gatherings.” The local cultural department in Xi’an said.


The red lanterns, red doors, red couplets, and the red clothes will be full of your eyes during the Chinese New Year 2015, which means the flourishing and the success of the new year.


“And during the Chinese New Year Eve, after we enjoy the family gatherings, we also make dumplings for the first day of the 2015, and the coin must be wrapped into the dumplings, for people who eat the dumplings within the coin will be rich in the new year.” Mr Zhang, chief of Traditional Customs and Cultural Bureau declared.


When finishing the dumplings, the fireworks for the celebration of the New Year is showing up. And the people will gather at the square or stand on the roof to admire the fireworks.


“Nowadays, with the improvement of the life standard and the cultural prosperity, people would like to do outside to celebrate the New Year. Sanya, a warm city in China with the sunshine, beach, and sand, is the popular city in Chinese New Year in China. And the other city, Harbin, is famous for the winter favors of the ice and snow festivals.” The chief of the China tourism claimed.


According to the statistics of the tourism bureau, 10% people choose to go some tourists attractions to celebrate the New Year, especially the young people.


“As the tourism company, we see people are eager to go outside during the holidays, including foreign friends, and the best time for them to go out are spring and winter. Therefore this winter we just explore several interesting itinerates for foreign friends. And the most popular one is the Harbin Ice and Snow festivals before and during the New Year 2015” The CEO of said during the tourism affair.


The Chinese New Year 2015 is coming, and where you would like to celebrate it, maybe Sanya, or Ice and Snow world festivals. 


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