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Rosehip with Galactolipids from GOPO Relieves Joint Pain

Based in Bedford, NH, Lanes Brands brings GOPO to the United States. GOPO is a natural product originating from Denmark known to enhance joint care and mobility. The formula goes by the name Rosehip with Galactolipids, and its efficacy is backed up by clinical research. The company leads others who provide similar rose hip products because their joint care product works,  proven by science, and they listen to what customers say to make the product better.

Speaking about the efficacy and use of GOPO, the Product Manager said, “Everyone has a unique lifestyle and body chemistry. Thus, people will respond to GOPO differently. From our research, out of 10 people, eight have reported improvement after three weeks of taking our product. And more people report improvements after the four to five week milestones. We recommend you maintain a dosage of 3 capsules, twice a day for three to five weeks. Let GOPO be a part of your routine and you’ll experience a tremendous improvement. We also recommend you use a journal and make the product part your to-do-list every day.”

GOPO is the brainchild of Erik Hansen who developed an interest in the product from the 1980s. Erik observed an acquaintance that fed on pickled rose hips throughout her life and consequently, never suffered from a cold. Erik had osteoarthritis by then, but he loathed painkillers. So, the friend recommended that he takes the rose hips. Being an inventor type, Erik embraced the idea, began processing the rose hips in a way to preserve their effectiveness and active ingredients. In 1995, Erik decided to take the idea from a hobby to a fulltime business. Now with Torbjorn, his son, they’ve refined the process and product to benefit many people in Europe and the US to get help for joint pain.

Explaining how one should use GOPO, the Communications Director said, “You should place the product in a good spot so you can find it every morning and evening. For backup, keep another light-proof bottle at your workplace. You don’t need to refrigerate the product or cooked in food. However, you can take it with water or sprinkle it over your favorite meal during lunch or dinner. For purposes of accountability, we recommend you ask a friend to check with you while you use the product. You can also find a pal to take this product with.”

While there are many roses out there, GOPO is produced from a rose whose botanical name is Rosa canina lito which is a wild, climbing rose found in Europe, Western Asia, and northwest Africa. The rose bushes take three or four years, enabling the plant’s roots to deeply tap into the rich minerals underground; enhancing galactolipid concentration. Hyben Vital ApS Company is the only one in the world known to produce the degree of concentration and purity of galactolipids that can improve joint conditions and enable users to know rosehip health benefits.

About GOPO

GOPO rose with galactolipids is a natural product produced from rose hips known to improve joint health. The company prioritizes the health of its clients by ensuring the product is of high-quality and safe. They lead in the natural joint care industry because their product works. They believe in scientific facts and research and use their customers’ feedback to improve the product. Potential customers can start by reading GOPO joint health reviews online.


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