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Small Businesses Can Have a Big Impact on Local Communities and Kitchen Supreme Agrees

17th January, New York - According to Open Forum, small businesses can have great impact on local communities. There are plenty of ways through which a small family business can get involved in the community. For this reason, investing in small companies rather than big brands might be a wiser choice. When drawing the line, the customer realizes that investments in actual individuals have been made. “A small business is part of the heartbeat of the larger community,” Ellen Thrasher, associate administrator for the Department of Entrepreneurship at the Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Small Business Administration mentioned.

The ways through which a small business can get involved in local communities vary from donations to creating jobs.

“When you shop at small, local shops, you are putting money into the pockets of local workers who may be your neighbors or even family members” Peter Gill, spokesperson for the Chicago-based Illinois Retail Merchants Association, said. “That income will likely be spent in town, making it a chain reaction.”

Collaborating with small providers and manufactures capable of offering them lower quotes is something specific to small family business. While they might not have the same investment power as large brands, they still strive to bring forward quality. So, what they decide to do instead is work hand in hand with other small companies or local providers.

“Shopping at one store may help other, neighboring businesses” Gill also said. “After shopping at small businesses in town, you may want to stop at a local coffee shop, bowling alley or restaurant. Small businesses keep people in town, which benefits the community as a whole.”

Kitchen Supreme is a small family business that offers several home and kitchen products, among which clients can find the stainless steel French Press. With this product, the user can prepare a delicious cup of French press coffee every morning. Because it is recommended to use freshly grinded coffee, users are encouraged to visit local coffee shops. Plus, the Kitchen Supreme Coffee Press has a great system that extracts the aroma and essential oils from the coffee beans. This means that trying out different types of Turkish or Brazilian coffee instead of going for the regular packed coffee everyone finds at the supermarket is a wise choice of action.

About the product

The French Press coffee maker, brought by Kitchen Supreme, is a professional gadget, which allows users to prepare all kinds of coffee based beverages, from espresso to cappuccino or latte, as well as tea and even soy milk. With a strongly made system, the coffee is pressed and all essential oils are released. The aroma of the beverage is, therefore, strong and its texture creamy. The French Press has 4 filters, which can be removed. The user is given complete freedom to decide exactly how clear the coffee should be. The French coffee maker is made from stainless steel and heat resistant glass is used in the making of the carafe. Kitchen Supreme uses top material in the manufacturing of all products, so customers will enjoy the aroma of the coffee. The use of stainless steel will not affect the beverage in any way. Also, the French Press has a very elegant design. Together with the actual gadget, the customer will receive a scoop, for adding the right amount of coffee, a uniquely designed spoon and detailed instructions on how to prepare the desired beverage.

About the company

Founded in 2013 and based in United States, Kitchen Supreme is a small family business. The company brings forward top products. Offering clients easy to use products, with trendy designs, Kitchen Supreme focuses on achieving complete customer satisfaction. Although the design of the products is made in Europe and the manufacturing in Asia, with top materials, all products go through extensive quality checks and are assembled in the US. Only those units that have passed the checks are later on sold online on trustworthy platforms such as With each purchase, Kitchen Supreme sustains the US economy. To make sure that clients will receive nothing below their expectations, this company offers lifetime warranty. Plus, all products are improved, considering the feedback coming from clients.

For further details regarding the company or the products sold, please visit or use the contact details listed below.

Company Name: Kitchen Supreme

Contact name: Frank Williams

E-mail address:

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