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The Recent Trends In The Frozen Bakery Products Market

Frozen bakery products basically consist of bakery goods that are frozen below 9.5 degree Celsius, below which microorganisms cannot grow. Thus, the frozen bakery goods are safe from spoiling like normal bakery products. Fungal growth and contamination by other bacteria are unlikely due to the nature and methods of freezing goods.In the fast-moving twenty-first century, anything that saves time and hassle is something people will want to spend money on. The frozen bakery products market taps into exactly this burgeoning need.Due to this, the value of the global frozen bakery products market has been estimated to be USD 14.75 Billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 22.44 Billion by 2021. This is a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 8.75% during the period from 2016 to 2021.

Frozen food consumption, in general, is growing worldwide, coinciding with a growth in supermarkets and retail chains. The trend of frozen foods has generally increased with more working people willing to pay for healthy food which they do not need to prepare from scratch.

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Type and Benefits of Frozen Bakery Products

The global market for frozen bakery products is divided into Frozen Pastry, Frozen Bread, Frozen Pizza Crust, Frozen Cake. It is not surprising that frozen bread has the largest market share amongst them. However, with an increasing market for frozen bakery products, frozen bread has reached market saturation, and other products are catching up.

The frozen bakery goods market is also segmented by the type of distributor. Distribution is divided into artisan baker, retail stores, and catering services. Catering services generally require big orders, and artisan bakers will generally order small volumes of products.

Frozen bakery products have several advantages over the traditional baked goods industry. While still a small part of the overall baked goods market, the advantages of the longevity of shelf life and low use of preservatives are leading to a shift in the market.

Moreover, it is easier to market frozen bakery goods, as they do not require any sort of specialized equipment. Readymade food has been gaining steadily over the years in most markets, and frozen baked goods seem likely to follow the trend, especially if it can be seen to be healthier than other alternatives.

Recent Trends in Frozen Baked Goods Market

Breakfast All Day Long

One of the big trends that are hitting the frozen baked goods market as well as the constant availability of breakfast staples. People who do not have time to make breakfast love being able to pop something on the stove and have almost instant breakfast.

Frozen baked goods make excellent all-day breakfasts, and this is a big seller in the market already.

Artisanal Offerings

Shops like Vandemoortele are starting to offer tasty treats like their various kinds of focaccia bread. With six categories, including the ‘classica’ and ‘pomodorini’, there’s something different for every day.

This will particularly appeal to the growing young professionals crowd who are too busy to cook but have enough money to demand interesting and delicious food.

Mini Meals

A health-conscious generation is looking closely at portion control. So single servings, small portions, and mini meals are flying off the shelves like hot cakes, even though they’re frozen!

The industry is starting to cater to those that want a quick meal more snack-like than a full meal which takes time to make and eat.

In Conclusion

The trend of ‘fresh at your convenience’ provided by frozen baked goods is here to stay, but sellers on the market can see that making the products more interesting and varied is key to getting bigger market shares.

Gonnella Baking Company, for example, offers retailers the chance to customise orders. Custom items and new and unusual products will be key to the global frozen bakery products market.

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