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Jane Fielder Gives 5 Benefits of Hypnotherapy Adelaide for Professional Employees

February 27, 2016 - It's 2016 and yet the problem of stress and anxiety affecting professional workers in the corporate world is still a huge problem for some. There seems to be no end to this dilemma that every working professional face; however, they can have the power to control the way they manage the stress and anxiety levels that they're feeling.


The question is this, “What are some ways for someone to overcome and properly manage stress and anxiety levels?” One efficient method to the problem at hand is undergoing a hypnotherapy Adelaide session. Jane Fielder, a consultant from Australia and owner of Jane Fielder Consulting, has been helping people in many different aspects with the use of this therapy.

After a single hypnotherapy session,  Jane Fielder swears by these benefits that you may experience:

It helps you overcome certain fears and phobias

Phobias, or fear of something, have been a by-product of post-traumatic experiences and they're psychological in nature. As the experts would say it, "It's all occurring inside your mind." That's where hypnosis comes in and helps you take that first step to overcome your fears. This technique has been long utilized as a way to help people overcome people’s worst fears in an easy, natural way possible. Overcoming your fears may even help you work better in your working environment.

It helps you conquer anxiety and stress

Another benefit that hypnotherapy does is soothing anxiety and reducing stress levels. In a working environment, juggling a multitude of tasks, clients and other job requirements may prove to be daunting and can greatly increase levels of stress and anxiety. Hypnosis can help ease both these negative energies by helping relax the person and remove all the negativity that may be cooped up inside the mind.

It helps you heal lost confidence

An improvement in one's confidence is one of the biggest boost that can happen to a person. It improves one’s physical, emotional and psychological stability. Sometimes, there are others who are brave enough to ask for something and often they achieve great results than those who are scared to speak up. Hypnosis can help re-establish your worth and helps you be more motivated to speak up for yourself. In a working environment, this trait greatly helps you achieve great things.

It helps refine your business skills

Hypnotherapy has also been proven to be a useful tool for people who are looking to refine a set of important business skills. These skills can be distorted by any form of aforementioned shortcomings, like stress and anxiety, fears and lack of self-confidence. Using hypnosis can help eliminate all of these difficulties and aids you back to focus on the traits you need to become a great employee.

Now, the question here is that, “Where can I get hypnotherapy in south Australia?” Look no more as Jane Fielder and her consulting firm are here to help you! Head on to and learn more about Jane Fielder.

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