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Boca Raton SEO eBusiness Strategies Offers to Make Companies More Social in 2015

"How social is a company? Does the business have Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn & Twitter pages? How are they being used? Are they search engine optimized?" asks Christian Jurgensen, Owner of Boca Raton SEO Company eBusiness Strategies ( ), internet marketing experts serving businesses in South Florida and throughout the United States. Google  has been steadily increasing the weighting it gives to social signals as a means of confirming the authority of a particular website in a given niche. The risk that businesses ignoring this enormously important aspect of search engine optimization face cannot be understated. Sites that do not have a social presence will see rankings more and more begin to suffer for lacking key social signals.

Why does Google care about social signals?

It comes down to market reach and user utilization. Social websites like Twitter have continued to steadily bring on new subscribers and see enormous increases in usage of their services. More and more people are utilizing these social websites as a means to share information. It is this exchange of information that has drawn Google’s attention as it relates to website rankings. Think of social signals as a popularity contest. The logic goes something like this, a website that has a great deal of social buzz must be extremely trustworthy and authoritative or people would not recommend it to others. The bottom line is that trust is a huge component of rankings and referrals demonstrate trust, social signals are referrals.

How can a company build a social presence?

Every business needs to have a Facebook page, Google + page, LinkedIn Page and YouTube channel at a MINIMUM.

These pages need to be consistent and clear representation of a company’s brand

Every social channel needs to be fully search optimized, either by experts like Boca Raton SEO Company eBusiness Strategies or by someone familiar with current best SEO practices. An improperly built social property can do as much harm as good to a business’ online presence.

Once established social web pages need to be regularly attended to as a means of engaging users regularly. This is an oft overlooked and many times incorrectly handled aspect of social media use among companies.

Reviews, both good and bad, need to be monitored constantly and responses offered as needed. Don’t let bad reviews impact a business for lack of a simple response. It is often said that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for 1 negative experience. There is no reason to let a bad review impact a business, do not ignore negative reviews!

How can Boca Raton SEO Company eBusiness Strategies help a company become more social?

By developing and implementing comprehensive online social strategies customized specifically for each business client. It doesn’t matter if it is for an attorney, landscaper, plastic surgeon or a cosmetic dentist, this critical component of a complete internet marketing strategy cannot be ignored. Boca Raton SEO Company eBusiness Strategies can build search engine optimized social media properties from scratch that will be are consistent with existing branding. This will help a business begin to generate the social signals that a website needs to rank highly in the search results. If a company has existing social media properties that aren’t performing the way they should, SEO services from the experts can correct that it.

Remember Boca Raton SEO Company eBusiness Strategies is a complete SEO services provider. These services have helped companies around the United States achieve revenue growth by improving search engine visibility. If a business has a website that isn’t ranking on page 1 of the search results it is invisible to potential customers. That translates to lost revenues. It is an easy decision to go with a results driven search engine optimization company that has established itself as number 1 in the marketplace. Call 1 (561) 285-7371 or visit  to find out how SEO services help businesses generate more leads and achieve revenue growth.

About the company:

Boca Raton SEO Company eBusiness Strategies is a complete SEO service provider helping companies around the United States achieve revenue growth by improving search engine visibility. If a website isn’t ranking on page 1 of the search results it is invisible to potential customers. This doesn’t have to happen to a business. A Google search for Boca Raton SEO identifies them as the #1 company in the search engine optimization space with not only the top ranking but 3 additional ranked pages as well. That is what you call dominating the competition, no other company can claim that level of performance. With results like that choosing an internet marketing company to improve a business website’s visibility is clear. Contact 1 (561) 285-7371 or visit  and let the experts put a business on top of the search results.

Contact Information:
Christian Jurgensen, Owner
Boca Raton SEO Company eBusiness Strategies
21218 St. Andrews Blvd., #731 Boca Raton, FL 33433
Phone: 1 (561) 285-7371

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