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Dr. Julianna Grimaldi Announces Ask Dr. Juli -- Season Two

Be a part of Season Two of "Ask Dr. Juli!"

Los Angeles, CA – March 3, 2017 – Doctor Julianna Grimaldi is a world renowned expert on anything and everything. Her vast knowledge of a seemingly endless array of subject matters made her the perfect choice to host the award-winning* cyber program “Ask Dr. Juli.” Having the name Julianna, which could be shortened to Juli, also helped.

Ask Dr. Juli stars Lana Gautier as the title character and is written by Ron L. Palmer.  We're the ones heading up this campaign and we're excited about bringing this show back.  During season one, we made a lot out of a little, using money from our own pockets to fund the show.   It was a labor of love and we didn't mind it, but now for season two we'd like to take it to the next level.   All twelve season two episodes have been written and we've got loftier goals for locations and casting.  In short, we want season two of Ask Dr. Juli to be special!

That's where you come in.  We're creating a special campaign that puts you right in the heart of the project and gives you a stake in it as well.   Want to be an associate producer?  We can do that.  How about impressing your friends and co-workers as an Executive Producer!  Yup, we can make that happen.  Want to have a walk-on role in an episode?  We've got one written for you already.  Those are just some of the perks available to you.  Go to the following Indiegogo campaign to learn more: 

About Dr. Juli

A native of Kazakhnova, a country which is absolutely not made up and totally exists, 17-year old Julianastasia Sofia Stalin (no relation)** migrated to the United States with dreams of becoming a famous Hollywood actress. For three years she practiced her craft in Hollywood, Florida, before realizing she went to the wrong one.

After moving to Los Angeles, the young Miss Stalin met professional foosball star Amerigo Grimaldi, known across the globe as “The Pele of Table Futbol.” After a brief, whirlwind courtship, the couple married in Milan. However, the marriage lasted just six months, ending abruptly when Julianastasia discovered Amerigo was actually “The Wilt Chamberlain of Table Futbol.” Along with their condo in Brentwood and a particularly nasty STD, Julianastasia kept the Grimaldi name. It was this relationship, among others, that inspired her creation of The Wealth-Douchebaggery Matrix, a formula that would later provide her both wealth and fame.

In the following years, Julianna pursued higher education, studying sociolinguistics and human behavior at Lustensex University. She received a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurial Investments and Consumer Exploitation from Charlatan-Grifter Online Unavercity**** and a second Master’s degree in human gastro-noises from the prestigious Pahsengaas Institute of Tutenborough, Massachusetts. She earned a Doctorate degree in alcohol studies from the world-famous Bemesder Brewhouse Funtime Party School and has also participated in several studies at the Dixon-Cox Institute for Dynamic Intercourse, presumably to engage in some clever wordplay.

Now a student of the world, Dr. Julianna Grimaldi continues to sharpen both her wit and wisdom at every opportunity. Described by her peers as an ersatz polymath,***** Dr. Juli vows to teach as she learns and learn as she teaches.

(Special note: If any big time Hollywood producers are reading this, Julianna has rekindled her love of acting and is available to audition for any roles that are considered either leading, supporting or tastefully artistic.)

To LEARN MORE about this Campaign, Share it or DONATE, please visit: 

Lana Gautier
Rabid Dawg Classic Productions 

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