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Odyssey Teams Founder Details Life Changing Event On Fox Business

Bill John
Odyssey Teams Inc.

New York City, New York—April 3, 2016. On the evening of December 5, 2012 Lain Hensley, the co-founder of Odyssey Teams said to the host of Small Business Big Ideas, on Fox Business, that “companies become more and more disconnected with the purpose of their work and the nuts and bolts of how to get things done.” He went on to say, “The latest trend we have now is people have brand new things. They have to learn new behaviors. They have to learn new tools. We are in a whole new landscape business wise.”

Lain, alongside his business partner Bill John, have dedicated Odyssey Teams to helping companies, and their employees, find the “Why” of their work. People don’t want to just manufacture, or sell, widgets. They want to know that the job they perform day in and day out makes a difference in the world and is not just contributing to someone else’s bottom line. Lain said, on air, “People want to know that their company is in it for the right reason and if there’s not a sustainable learning environment and [employees are] not actually benefiting people in the real world. Then it’s built on smoke and mirrors.” By “it” Lain means a company’s purpose.

Lain and Bill have been inspiring employees to deliberate action for more than twenty years. They facilitated programs such as Life Cycles, where employees build teams and bicycles and then donate them. In 2008, they were challenged to present a team building program that no one had ever seen before. So, they introduced the Helping Hands Live Program. A program where teams assemble a prosthetic hand and then donate them to amputees in third world countries. These amputees would not be able to obtain this life-changing device otherwise.

Lain went onto say in his interview “Realigning people to the purpose of their work, the “Why”, is part of the extension of this Helping Hands.” Since this appearance on Fox Business, Lain has taken his philanthropic team building program to multiple companies around the country including Microsoft, facebook, and AbbVie.

Programs like Helping Hands, Life Cycles, and The Board Meeting not only highlight collaboration, team building, and deliberate action, but they give employees a chance to give back to the community. This idea of allowing employees to serve an extra social agenda has shown to increase production and employee retention.

It was reported on Fox Business that Lain and Bill had built and donated 11,000 hands in 2012. With the help of philanthropically minded companies, they have increased that number to more than 23,000 in over 80 countries to date. 

Lain said, towards the end of his interview, “There’s millions of hands out there in companies and they are either building walls, or they are building bridges, and we build a hand to represent the hand that they are extending to their customer and to each other as they build that future.”

Helping Hands Live is a program that is available to all companies large and small complete with expert facilitation. If you would like to facilitate your own team building event, Odyssey Teams also offers a DIY Build-A-Hand Kit through their subsidiary Give Back Activities.

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