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Probiotics: The Pigmentation Treatment That Could Bring Home The Bacon

Scottsdale, AZ - Probiotics are already known as a healthy bacteria that effectively treats issues and provides great benefits to the body. The benefits are so well documented that some leading dermatologists believe they could be more prevalent in treating skin.

“They allow us to digest foods that we otherwise would have difficulty digesting or they secrete vitamins -- such as Vitamin K -- which is needed to combat blood clotting,” said Natalya Borakowski. The owner and licensed aesthetician of Desert Bloom Skin Care Center in Scottsdale, Az. says Probiotics can also help skin by producing acidic substances. “They return low skin pH, making it more resilient to environmental damage.”

While there are great advantages to treating skin through Probiotics, the gains are significantly reduced due to self-sabotage. A great number of people consistently apply antibacterial products to their skin, ultimately diminishing any positive results they might have received. “This is not only counterproductive, it triggers inflammatory responses from our immune system. The result is redness, irritation, and pimples.”

Borakowski firmly believes Probiotics treatment with bacterial S. epidermitis will help reduce acne flare-ups. Although no such product is currently on the market, the Desert Bloom Skin Care aesthetician is optimistic that one will soon emerge. Borakowski says the problem is finding a good cosmetic formula that appeals to the marketplace.

“The product would need to allow for the growth of S. epidermitis, while inhibiting the growth of other microorganisms. Finding this combination, as well as producing an attractive smelling and consistent substance, is a difficult task. Nobody wants a cosmetic product that smells like a sewer and looks like slimy goo.”

More information on Probiotics and skin care treatment can be found by visiting

Interview opportunities with Natalya Borakowski -- owner and licensed aesthetician of Desert Bloom Skin Care Center in Scottsdale, Az. -- are limited.

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Desert Bloom Skin Care Center has been serving customers of Phoenix Metro area since 2008. Anyone who has recently moved to Arizona is probably experiencing changes to their skin, sudden breakouts and acne. Severe dryness is very common.

Desert Bloom Skin Care Center uses the newest equipment and most advanced professional lines to address needs of absolutely any client. Microdermabrasion, oxygen facial, customized organic facial and chemical peel are some available options.

Media Contact:
Natalya Borakowski
Desert Bloom Skin Care Center
Phone: (480)567-8180

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