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Famous Mom, make a difference after, Coach Charged with Fatally Punching Child

Orlando, Florida/PR Buzz/ May 3, 2015 Celebrity Style & Bridal Expert, Author, Pastor, Dr. April Burns, will finally get a chance to face the man accussed of brutally murdering her two year old toddler, Lil April Casey, on May 11, 1999, at Her Central Park Village Project apartments. April Burns and relatives said their good byes to 2 year old April casey, on the faithful night, the bright eyed toddler nickednamed'' Nae nae''. By those who knew the toddler best, she was declared dead on the scene after being savagely beaten and thrown from a two story window by her stepfather, Known as coach Eric Trigg. The fatal beating occured May 11, 1999, and was triggered by Lil April's crying, and taking a bowel movement on herself, according to relatives and Lil April's Mom, April Burns. Trigg later told investigators that he shook and punched the toddler'' a number of times before throwing her out of a two story window,'' causing (her) Liver and bladder to rupture. ''Shortly after doing so, Trigg says he witnessed her fall to the ground out of the window. Shortly after Mom, got home she found her two year old toddler, who was not breathing when she discovered her lifeless body, shortly after peramedics arrived. Lil April was pronounced dead at the scene. Detective Kevin Durkin, charged Trigg, with second degree murder, child neglect, and one count of reckless assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Prosecutors today will not speak publicily about Mr. Triggs being released from prison in 2016. Bizarely, reports have alleged that Lil. April's Mother Now known, as celebrity style expert, who was six months pregnant at rhe time with Triggs, Child, April was called to testify on Triggs behalf, but her and her attorney refused. Lil. April's father was not in her life at the time. Also charged was Lil April's Mother, April Reeve, now Known as Celebrity style & bridal Expert, April burns, To some of Hollywood's Biggest stars, she's a national speaker, author, Pator, April Burns, police said the mother of seven had seen her then boyfriend hit and attempt to strike her children with his hands and a leather belt, and left them in his care anyway. April has denied these allegations repeatedly. April say's she and Trigg discussed there would be no hitting her children and that she and he had an understanding. April say's she never saw trigg, beat on her children. But that he did give a hand spank once to her son, and she made it crystal clear that she would not allow it. Again April, said she never saw him do it again. But on one occasion he did attempt to scare her son, with a belt, by hitting the dinning room chair, because he was bitting her two year old baby girl April  casey, the mother say's that was the last she ever saw trigg make any attempts to hit or scare her children. April say's there we're 12 of us in my mom's house and we got a spanking here or there by my grandparents, but we never died. But she say's her mom's live in boyfriend did sexually and physically abuse her and her lilttle sister, and that at one point she was sent to dallas texas, to live with her older brother and other relatives. April say's she promised herself that her kid's would never be hit or abused by anyone. Now, April's in a position to support, and give back and that's just what she's doing coming this fall she's hosting a benefit fund for children with disabilities, as she's a mother, with a daughter who is autism, her sister hope Ministries, supports parents with kids, who have special needs. April now, lives her life as a pastor, author, inspirational speaker, Who lives to empower and inspire other women around the world with her message of hope, love, prayer, selfworth, selfvalue, empowerment. But most of all how to love themselves. For details about April and her mission, and her Journey from nothing to something from rejection to rejoyce. You May contact

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