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Intimacy and Marriage: ODR Shares Tips for Rekindling the Fire Before It’s Too Late



Contact: Holly Winn

Tel: 800-604-2860



A lack of intimacy can torpedo your marriage. Make sure that doesn’t happen by following these tips.


According to counselor and psychotherapist Keeley Townsend, a marriage cannot survive without both emotional and physical intimacy. “You cannot create a physical intimacy without the emotional intimacy, nor can you have complete emotional intimacy without the physical aspect as well. This is where many couples find their relationship in trouble.”


A spokesperson for the online divorce site OnlineDivorceReview (ODR) adds that many of the website’s visitors looking for a divorce cite a lack of intimacy as one of the primary reasons.


To help these couples strengthen their bonds and rekindle the intimacy fire before it’s too late, the site shares the following tips.


Tip 1: Shake up your life. “While routines can be very helpful and productive to a relationship, they can also kill the joy and excitement,” notes the spokesperson. “Sit down as a couple, if you are suffering deficiencies in your intimacy levels, and make a schedule. From that schedule, resolve to change at least one thing about each day, and keep making changes from week to week. By upsetting your routines, you can feel like you’re on more of a journey together than a mind-numbing trip to work.”


Tip 2: Shut down distractions. “Children, work, family members, friends — they can all be damaging distractions to the intimacy levels of your marriage,” explains the spokesperson. “While I wouldn’t say you should remove these people from your life, you should put anything and everything on the back burner until you’ve been able to make time for each other. Turn off the phones. Put them in another room. Do the work of making time for intimacy, and it won’t feel like work when you’re together.” 


Tip 3: Make your spouse priority one (even if you have kids). “Newsflash,” says the spokesperson, “you’re not doing your children any favors by putting them ahead of your spouse. In fact, you’re probably slowly tearing your family apart. Couples must be unified when raising their children, and that means establishing a hierarchy that puts the relationship first. It could be something as simple as coming home from work, kissing your spouse on the cheek, and talking about each others’ days for a few minutes before turning attention to your child. Don’t give in to the sweet faces and the exuberance at seeing you. Make each other a priority. The kids will survive if they have to wait a bit to get your attention.”


Tip 4: Share your lives, but leave time for yourselves. “Being able to share interests that you have with your spouse is a cornerstone of every great relationship,” explains the spokesperson, “but don’t get down in the dumps if you fail to share the same level of interest for each others’ ‘things.’ Instead always be open to trying, and don’t forget to make time for yourself.”


About OnlineDivorceReview: provides online divorce reviews on DIY and attorney referral services so readers will know where to invest their time and money throughout the process.



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