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What Divorcees Can Learn from Introverts: 3 Tips



Contact: Holly Winn

Tel: 800-604-2860



Introverts are often misunderstood because they are perceived as antisocial. But they have a lot to teach the divorcee.


Psychology Today once took a deeper look at the popular misconception that extroverts are happier than introverts and found that that is only true if you measure happiness as illustrated through extroversion. “Missing from this conception are low-arousal positive emotions such as tranquility, calm, serenity, and peacefulness,” writes Dr. Arnie Kozak. “Also missing are equanimity, ease, and mindfulness. Low scorers on a measure of extroversion are not necessarily unhappy, they are just less ‘exuberant’ and ‘high spirited.’”


As a spokesperson for divorce forms site MyDivorcePapers (MDP) puts it, “If you think introverts don’t have something to teach you about happiness as a divorcee, think again.”


But just what can one going through a divorce learn from these low-key and less-obvious purveyors of happiness? The site shares the following tips.


Realize that being alone isn’t loneliness. “Extroverts typically get their energy from other people, or rather the interaction with other people,” the spokesperson says. “As a result, they’re not always comfortable in their own skin. But introverts derive energy from being alone to a degree. They see it as a time to reenergize for the demands and obligations of life. As someone going through a divorce — or someone who has experienced a divorce recently — you can start looking as alone time as a blessing by packing it full of individual activities or non-activity designed around your particular needs. In other words, alone time isn’t loneliness if you know how to use it.”


Look at your time away as energizing, even empowering. “Introverts are not necessarily bad in social situations, but being in those situations can be daunting and exhausting,” the spokesperson explains. “They look at their time away from those settings as a time of rejuvenation. A time where no demands are placed on them from outside forces. They bask in the tranquility that creates, and it essentially allows them to recharge their batteries for another full day of use, in smartphone terminology. Similarly, when divorcees find themselves alone, they should focus more on the stressors they’re letting go of by not being out in public.”


Finally, take advantage of your ‘introverted time,’ and do a little self-analysis. “It’s hard to get over something like divorce when you aren’t entirely sure of what you’re feeling inside,” says the MDP spokesperson. “When you are having some down time, take advantage of the opportunity that gives you for reflection. Do some personal journaling or meditation, and get to the heart of what you’re struggling with in relation to the divorce.” 


The site adds that by approaching life with the same level of caution and respect for tranquility that introverts use, you can come through your divorce a much stronger person, who is at peace with yourself.


About MyDivorcePapers: provides affordable divorce papers solutions for those looking to file for divorce. Paperwork can be completed and compiled in 45 minutes for immediate use.



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