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ACMSS: Senate Version of Healthcare Bill Should Preserve Essential Health Benefits


ACMSS: Senate Version of Healthcare Bill Should Preserve Essential Health Benefits

Executive Director, American College of Medical Scribe Specialists
(800) 987-3692

ORANGE, Calif., May 23, 2017. With the “repeal and replace” plan for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) now in the hands of the Senate, the American College of Medical Scribe Specialists (ACMSS) urges Senators to not diminish coverage for pre-existing conditions, and preserve the 10 Essential Health Benefits mandated by the ACA.

“The House version of the new American Health Care Act does not protect everyone with pre-existing conditions, and it gives individual states the opportunity to opt out of the now mandatory 10 Essential Health Benefits that are critical to keeping Americans well,” said ACMSS Executive Director Kristin Hagen. “Several Senators have commented that the hastily crafted House bill will go through significant revision in the Senate. ACMSS hopes Senators take a measured, bipartisan approach to revising the bill to ensure that any new health reform legislation keeps America on course toward a 21st century, patient-centric health system focused on wellness and prevention.”

ACMSS is particularly concerned about efforts to redefine and possibly take away the 10 “Essential Health Benefits” that are mandated by the ACA. These are:

·       Ambulatory patient services (Outpatient care).

·       Emergency services

·       Hospitalization

·       Maternity and newborn care

·       Pediatric services

·       Mental health services and addiction treatment

·       Prescription drugs

·       Rehabilitative services and devices

·       Laboratory services

·       Preventive services, wellness services, and chronic disease treatment  (Essential benefits)     

ACMSS believes all of these benefits are vital to wellness, prevention, and disease reversal, and must not be diminished or removed from coverage.

Nearly 20 years ago ACMSS Executive Director Kristin Hagen was involved in an automobile accident and suffered major chest, neck and jaw injuries. These injuries were not caused by the accident itself, but by the excessive force created by design flaws in the first-generation airbags in the car. At the time of her injuries, the U.S. health system was oriented toward reacting to her immediate injuries, so she had to live with the accident’s debilitating effects, compounding, over a daily19+-year journey.

Hagen spent two decades trying to recover from injuries in a healthcare system that was information-challenged, compartmentalized, and based on volume rather than value to patients. It took the continuing evolution of a nationwide campaign toward a wellness-driven system, and partnering with physician Gary Ruelas, DO, PhD, at Integrative Medical Institute for Hagen to come back to complete wellness. "Today and tomorrow's survivors need, and deserve no less than, access to adequate coverage, such as that afforded by the Affordable Care Act."

“I would not have been able to come even close to a full recovery without coverage for some of these essential health benefits,” Hagen said. “The ACA is a base, and it can be improved, but not by going back to a system that just reacts to disease and injury, and shuts millions of people out of imperative preventive care and essential benefits." Hagen, an avid researcher and survivor pioneered to wellness in real-time Meaningful Use, warns of going back to care before the ACA. "Everybody needs equal access of care as the minimum standard. ACMSS Physician/CMSS Teams take care leaps and bounds into the future, making the ordinary, extraordinary."

For detailed information on each of the essential health benefits mandated by the ACA, go to:

“ACMSS urges that Americans contact their Senators to urge them to protect both coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, and coverage for essential health benefits,” said Hagen. “We need our two complementary systems of public healthcare and integrative medicine to continue moving our nation forward. It is vital to restore the individual mandate and subsidies, covering all. Preventive healthcare, and healthcare of our nation's future, focuses on wellness, and wellness-driven care for all, regardless of age, demographic, or population not only getting ourselves well, but keeping ourselves well. Health of our nation centers on all individuals having minimum ACA access and coverage. 21st Century Clinical Care takes America leaps and bounds further, that in which has begun today. Medicaid expansion is equally vital to reform, innovation, long-term utilization, research, outcomes, and re-utilization. America has all that it needs in successful partnership with CMS, ACA, the exchanges, and our nation's Physician/CMSS Teams.

The American College of Medical Scribe Specialists (ACMSS) is the nation’s only nonprofit professional society representing more than 19,000 Medical Scribes in over 1,900 medical institutions. ACMSS partners with academic institutions, non-profit partners, and medical scribe corporations to offer both education-to-certification and employment-to-certification pathways. ACMSS advances the needs of the medical scribe industry through certification, public advocacy, secure innovative systems design, individualized and customized consulting, and continuing education for improved care coordination and patient-centric care toward wellness. ACMSS is available for public speaking engagements.

ACMSS offers several pathways for Certified Medical Scribe Specialists. Please contact ACMSS Executive Director Kristin Hagen directly at or (800) 987-3692 if you have any questions regarding the ACMSS program and/or materials.

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