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B2B Lead Gen Appointment Setting Follows Puritanical Folkways at RDIbizdev

Cold calling b2b for sales appointment setting lead generation particularly for technology and professional services at has avowed them to some Purtanical folkways relative to the Mayflower Compact.

The Mayflower Compact consisted of 4 main points. In the interest of brevity they are simply stated here as: 1. ID of the signers, 2. Statement of purposes, 3. Oath of civil body politic and 4. a clarification of obligations. These are some of the folkways of the Puritans that settled in the new world.

RDI has oathed an application of these folkways to their processes. In fact, they have been in practice over the 14 years that RDIbizdev has been delivering high quality lead generation for it’s clients. It is until recently that hey have consciously ascribed said folkways as they have or have not been in existence at this small business.

1. ID of signers: RDIbizdev is an income sharing partnership. Prosperity and challenges are shared among the identified partners.

2. Statement of purposes: The purpose of RDIbizdev’s existence is to bring new business to it’s clients.

3. Oath: The partnership structure at RDIbizdev is an oath bound by finance as well as ethics. Without either, there will beno RDIbizdev as it’s life blood will dry and cease movement.

4. Obligations: RDIbizdev is obliged to due submission as required by it’s clients.

Folkways are a set of cultural traditions and customs of any group. These often refer to the traditions of a group developed at it’s home origin as they are applied through their migrations. Over the past 14+ years, RDIbizdev has migrated through size and scope of their operations. Though still just a small company of 20 employees, the changes have not detracted them from their tradition of enriching their clients and in turn, themselves. provides high quality b2b lead generation through conversation with prospects as they are nurtured through a qualification and then a sales process. B2B lead gen at RDIbizdev focuses on working with professional services and technology companies.


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