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Sales Appointment Setting Via Cold Calls B2B by John WInthrop at RDIbizdev

Cold calling b2b to set sales appointments for professional services and technology firms is what RDIbizdev does best. Much of their success is due to their experience and people but at least some of it is because of John Winthrop.

John Winthrop (1588-1649) came to the U.S. before there was a U.S. He was a founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. You may have heard the phrase “a city on a hill” or variations of it. Winthrop was the first to use the phrase in writing outside of the Sermon on the Mount, from where it originated. The phrase is not a hopeful phrase but rather a warning.

People are watching the city on the hill. They are curious as to how you may succeed or falter. You are identifiable and for some reason, a reason derived from acts of greatness or acts of the infamous. RDIbizdev is of the previous as they have been the best b2b cold calling, sales appointment setting organization in the world for the past 14 years.

According to John Winthrop, there are four applications to preservation of success and being a good city on a hill. They are 1. Persons, 2. Work, 3. Ends, 4. Means. These are bound by a covenant. Breaking the covenant leads to consequences. These ideals in action create an ordered liberty, not a democracy.

No great business, or sales team, functions as a democracy but as an organization of ordered liberty. Let’s look at how RDIbizdev has applied these principles to their success:

1. Persons - The core of RDIbizdev is their people. RDIbizdev supports this with an income sharing partnership which inspires loyalty to company and to clients. 2. Work - 14 years of staying the course in their work speaks for itself. They have not strayed to digital efforts. 3. Ends - The ends are the riches of their clients, which leads to their own riches. 4. Means - The riches. Their covenant is their agreements to their clients and partners.

Cold calling b2b to set sales appointments may seem trivial and in relation to family, love, forces of nature, it is trivial. But in relation to cash flow, it is critical. This process to cash flow must be ordered liberty because chaos brings ruin, as we extrapolate from John WInthrop, who was a magistrate not a preacher, and his writings in “A Model of Christian Charity”, which happens to be a fine business essay.


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