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B2B Sales Appointment Cold Calling Lead Gen Still Exists at RDIbizdev

Cold calling b2b to set sales appointments and generate leads at RDIbizdev still exists! Yes, cold calling is still being practiced by small clans of humanoids that believe that talking to people will actually help advance a sales process.

These oft spoken of but rarely seen beings are not hiding. They are so hard to find because they are few. They do not lurk at night. They do not lurk at all. They walk upright in the daylight. They shop, they take mass transit, they are on our highways and byways. They fly kites and ride bikes. They wear shoes, even Nikes.

Some are tall and some are short. Some laugh out loud and some simply snort, “snort, snort, snort.” In the wind and the rain, they dial just the same. Sometimes is easy, sometimes it’s hard, some cook with butter and some with lard. Some are quite health conscious indeed. Some are enveloped with greed.

Some work at RDIbizdev and some do not. But no one denies RDIbizdev has got, the best. The best they’ve got, it’s certainly true. They all work in the U.S. the red, white and blue.

Dr. Suess did not call a lot, at least I’ve been told. His telephone was green. It was covered in mold! It would ring and ring and ring and ring and the doctor would not answer. The caller hoped he wasn’t laying on the ground, incapacitated with cancer.

That was insensitive, that cancer remark. It serious business, it’s really no lark. Cold calling that is. And cancer too. Oh look, I stepped in it and it’s worse than doo doo. Now what do I do?

I’ll pick up a phone, with a group or alone, talk to someone about a home loan, or a beautiful set of kitchen knives, maybe you would like a free subscription to Midwestern Lives? Probably not at RDIbizdev. They only call b2b. They won’t reach you at home. They’ll leave you alone. But they can call from sea to sea, b2b.

RDIbizdev has been cold calling b2b for technology and pro services since 2001, despite their incredibly simple press releases. I think I’ll fire myself now.


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773-267-3001 ext. 114


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