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B2B Sales Appointment Setting and Cold Calling for Technology in the Age of Enlightenment at

Cold calling for technology and professional services’ lead generation by setting sales appointments at RDIbizdev has found inspiration from the age of enlightenment. The age of enlightenment occurred in many parts of the world around the same time but what RDIbizdev finds most interesting is the way it happened in the U. S. before there was a U.S.

Benjamin Franklin said that a man should be judged by what he can do not by what he was born into. This is a paraphrase but many of Franklin's quotes relay the same message. This message hits on all four of the pillars of liberty associated with the enlightenment; religious liberty, political liberty, economic liberty and moral liberty. These pillars can also be associated with the inspiration RDIbizdev finds through thinking about the enlightenment period in the land that was to become the U.S.

Religious liberty may seem to have no place in today's modern business setting in the sense that there is no religious expression in the office in the U.S. with few exceptions. The course of work is above all. It seems that way, but without the freedom of religion, one man is able to regulate another's idea of God. And if man can regulate each others ideas at the level of an individual understanding of God or no god, than what can man not regulate? In sales, at RDIbizdev, the imagination is the most useful tool.

Political liberty is most easily expressed in owning property. Of one's own property, they are the master. This is a separation from politics and a subjection to politics only where one may allow themselves to be mastered about another's property. This is an assurance that one man may have some rule over another only if the man subjected chooses to allow it. At RDIbizdev, this sums up our reason for an income sharing partnership structure.

Economic liberty is to be able to trade as one sees fit. At a company like RDIbizdev where lead gen, cold calling to set sales appointments and managing sales pipelines is the course of each day, free trade is essential for existence.

Moral liberty is the fourth pillar and has most to do with allowing no interventionregulation from outside influences. It is relying on the idea that man’s natural disposition is altruism if man is left to his own religious, political and economic liberties. If provided the full structure of human liberties, man will choose to do the right thing.

The basis of these pillars is science for without the discovery and development of different services b2b, RDIbizdev would have nothing to sell. Also, more importantly, the four pillars would have nothing to stand upon.

The chief end to enlightenment is happiness. Many philosophers of the enlightenment period felt that if the four pillars are instituted in daily life, the end result will be happiness. And happiness supports great b2b lead gen at RDIbizdev for their technology and professional services clients.


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