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Stop Suffering With Diabetic Skin Conditions

July 2, 2014 - Leigh on Sea, United Kingdom -- Diabetes has been a headline grabbing health problem and it is not losing out on press space any time soon, with more and more people being diagnosed every day diabetes is ‘boom' problem - if such a thing could exist. 

Anyone, regardless if they suffer from diabetes or not, knows that the ‘big issue' with diabetes is keeping blood sugar under control and closely monitored at all times to make sure there are no spikes or troughs in the sugar levels in the body, due to a body's inability to make the correct amount of insulin. Most people know too that diabetes is controlled using either diet alone or insulin and diet and that's great as far as it goes.

The real world of diabetes is a little less simple, as anyone who actually has it knows. Dry skin, sores on hands and feet which just won't clear up as fast, along with itching, cracked or bleeding skin etc. These are some of the lesser known and yet just as important affects of diabetes in the real world.

Every diabetes sufferer knows these problems but it may come as a surprise that there is actually a way of getting some relief from this misery without using steroidal cream or having to use creams so weak that all they do is to make skin slippery. 

'Grade A' African Shea butter is a product without side affects, without chemicals and without doubt can help to relieve some of the above symptoms however be warned that top quality Shea butter is required to get any affect and anything less is more than disappointing. 

Shea butter comes from the nut of a tree and, when extracted properly, at no point does it come in contact with any chemicals making it a 100% chemical free product - although always worth while checking with health professionals - the extra thick cream can be warmed and rubbed into affected areas. 
Initially the cream provides instant relief from itching, next the cream forms a barrier over the skin while underneath that barrier the natural goodness of the butter starts to seep down into the deep tissue moisturizing and nourishing the skin hence bringing relief to the damaged and painful areas of skin. 

As one of the top reviewers on puts it "my skin become extremely dry in the past couple of years since I developed diabetes, and lotions just don't help. I've started using this shea butter before bed, and I've noticed a huge difference already. My shins don't itch, and my calloused feet are finally beginning to soften."

About Bursting With Nature 

Bursting With Nature's primary goal is to provide a direct market place where locally produced, traditionally created and long established products are available to buy directly. This direct approach means that buyers receive the product they are buying but at the highest level of purity while the local women, with generations of experience, can earn a decent living wage for themselves and their children without needing to work for an exploitative multi national company. Beyond 'Fair Trade' there is Direct Trade - that's Bursting With Nature

Vips Kirrage
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