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New Bael Decor Firm Support Bath Pillow Cited By Users For Orthopedic Benefits

July 11, 2014 - Los Angeles, California -- Too often, many people do not realize the profound difference that the right pillow can make. 

Experts have noted that the right pillow has a significant impact on the way people rest and recharge. According to orthopedic surgeon and Mt. Sinai Medical Center spinal surgery co-chief Andrew Hecht, settling for the wrong pillow can "worsen headaches, neck pain, shoulder and arm numbness, discomfort," and even sneezing and wheezing. 

In most cases, a firm support pillow is recommended as ideal for providing "anatomically correct postural alignment" for the head, neck and shoulders. notes that, because of the head's heavier weight, a firm support pillow is vital in ensuring that there is adequate support to the neck to avoid strain. 

Bael Decor brings this level of comfort and orthopedic support to bathing and relaxation with the recent release of their new firm support bath pillow

Ideal for use as a hot tub pillow, a spa pillow or as a bath tub pillow, this new orthopedic-grade bath pillow from Bael Decor is designed with a medically proven heart shape and curved groove for added support to the head, back and back during bath time. 

It helps mitigate the risks of common bath tub injuries, and provides soothing relief to neck and back pains during bathing. If unchecked, long and poorly positioned baths in the tub can contribute to misalignment of the spine which manifests through soreness. Bael Decor's firm support bath pillow helps take care of keeping the back in correct position so that bathing becomes a truly relaxing experience. 

Users have cited the pillow's effective orthopedic properties, ideal size, firmness and texture that comfortably cradle the neck and the head, and its ease of use and maintenance. It has suction cups that firmly adhere to any type of bath tub surface even after prolonged use. Bael Decor's firm support bath pillow fits in all types of tubs, including curved ones, and does not flatten. Made with organic polyurethane material, this bath pillow can be used both for hot and cold baths, and is odor-resistant. It is also waterproof, and easy to wash. 

"A lot of people who enjoy long baths in the tub do not realize that these seemingly normal and relaxing activities can have long-term ill effects on spinal health," Andy Robertson, Bael Decor product specialist, said. "Our necks, backs and spines are sensitive to strain and pressure, and our new firm support bath pillow addresses those oft-overlooked orthopedic issues in a comfortable and relaxing way."

Bael Decor's firm support bath pillow is available in three colors—red, black and white. It is currently available on Amazon with a 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee. 

About Bael Decor

Bael Decor is a very well known home decor brand. In-line with its high quality standards, Bael Decor offers 30 days, hassle free money back guarantee for firm support bath pillows

Andy Robertson

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