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New Treatment Could Lead To Safer IVF Affecting 2% Of All UK Born Babies

July 31, 2014
IVF-Spain S.L.
Avda. de Ansaldo, 13, 03540, Alicante. Spain
Phone: +34 965 267 890
E-mail: New Treatment Could Lead To Safer IVF Affecting 2% Of All UK Born Babies

This latest IVF industry news has been based on a new study which provides proof that a natural hormone called kisspeptin-54 can be used to stimulate egg maturation in women that do require in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment to get pregnant.

Ovarian hyper-stimulation is a risk in IVF treatment, and researchers at Imperial College London have published a helpful video explaining their kisspeptin research and its implications. The current IVF treatment on trial is hoped to be safer than standard IVF, and has already led to 12 healthy babies being born from 53 women undergoing a just one single IVF treatment.

So what just are the main implications of being able to use kisspeptin-54? Scientists say that this should now lead to a safer version of in vitro fertilization by reducing the need to use human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), where a slight risk of causing ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS) is known, which can be potentially fatal.

The research so far carried out looked mainly at using different doses of kisspeptin-54, but was not actually compared with current IVF treatments, and researchers are saying that the overall effectiveness and safety of the new IVF treatment still needs to be directly tested against existing IVF treatments, in order to see which actually provides for better overall success rates.

The study was carried out by researchers from Imperial College London and Hammersmith Hospital, and was funded by the Medical Research Council, Welcome Trust and National Institute for Health Research. The study was published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, a peer-reviewed medical journal and states that this was a randomized clinical trial (RCT) investigating whether a new hormone could be used in the early stages of IVF to potentially improve its safety.

The researchers randomly allocated 53 women who had opted for IVF to different doses of kisspeptin-54 treatment. They wanted to see whether it could partially replace the hormone normally used to stimulate the maturation of eggs during IVF. The researchers primarily wanted to know whether a single treatment of kisspeptin produced egg maturation. They assessed this by looking at the number of mature eggs, and the percentage of all eggs collected that were mature. Secondary outcomes included the later stages of IVF, such as fertilization rates, successful implantation rates, pregnancy rates and healthy births.

Researchers are quoted as saying "the study demonstrates that a single injection of kisspeptin-54 can induce egg maturation in women with sub-fertility undergoing IVF therapy. Subsequent fertilization of eggs matured following kisspeptin-54 administration and transfer of resulting embryos can lead to successful human pregnancy."

This study provided a "proof of concept" that the naturally occurring hormone kisspeptin-54 can be used to stimulate egg maturation in women requiring IVF. The modified IVF - which is hoped to be safer than standard IVF - led to 12 healthy babies being born from 10 mums. Out of the 53 women undergoing a single IVF treatment, this gave a 19% success rate.

Some of the highest European IVF success rates are actually in Spain, with IVF-Spain leading the way. All of the different IVF treatments can be seen as a comparable against the Spanish national averages here: IVF Spain Success Rates

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Could A New Potential Treatment Lead To Safer IVF Affecting 2% Of All UK Born Babies

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