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NutroGenix Annouces BladeButter an all-natural Top Ranked Shaving Product

BladeButter sells direct to consumers and needs to begin selling on the wholesale level to distributors and retailers.


Trinity, FL – August 5, 2015 – BladeButter is an all-natural product that helps your razors perform better and last exponentially longer. Users simply treat their razors for a few seconds before each shave and then shave as they always do. It's that easy.


There are other shave oils and razor treatments on the market (Art of Shaving, HYD for Men, ShaveSecret, Pacific Shaving Company), but none compare to BladeButter. Most competitors are one-dimensional meaning and they only do one thing (lubricate the blade or skin). Most are expensive when you factor in usage. For example, HYD for Men charges $21.99 for a 15ml bottle ($43.98 per ounce).


BladeButter stands out because it’s a value to the consumer and it does more than any of it’s competitors. BladeButter™ penetrates, protects, sanitizes, and medicates using all natural ingredients. No other shaving product penetrates the metal of the blade. We have a protected proprietary process that prevents competitors from duplicating our product (NFT).


About Bladebutter

About two years ago, Matt, the founder of BladeButter, ran out of shaving gel and was not excited about the prospects of a soap-and-water shave. He remembered Oil #3 and thought he should soak his razor in it to make a bad situation a little better. To his amazement, he ended up enjoying one of the cleanest, closest shaves of his life.


He built on that moment by shaving regularly with Oil #3 for the next three months. Matt noticed that his razor was staying sharper, longer. He ended up using just two razors in that three-month period.


It was an eye-opening discovery because Matt would normally use fifteen (Gillette Sensor) razors in that time span. He knew it was time to develop a formula that was also good for his skin.


Matt worked with a professional formulator to make BladeButter a “multi-dimensional” product. He added all natural astringents like Tea Tree Oil and Aloe to disinfect the blade. He also included ingredients like Vitamin E and Antioxidants to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Matt loves how BladeButter has evolved. Shaving has become a much more enjoyable experience for me. He gets better shaves on a regular basis and he’s spending a lot less money on razors.


To LEARN MORE or to HELP take BladeButter to the next level, please visit:



NutroGenix BladeButter

2139 Gold Dust Ct

Trinity, FL 34655


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