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Garcinia Weight Loss Formula For Senior Women Launches On Amazon.

Pine Level, North Carolina, August 5th, 2015. Muscadinex has launched a weight loss health supplement for women aged over 40.  The new formula is designed to help women over forty to control their appetite, feel more energetic, and increase their levels of key natural molecules.

Called Garcinia 40+ Blend,  the new formulation contains, per capsule:

- Garcinia Cambogia = 500mg (60% HCA)
- Potassium = 25mg
- Calcium = 25mg
- Chromium = 100mcg

Muscadinex health writer Mary Green answeres questions about why each of the ingredients on Garcinia 40+ Blend are important to senior women who are looking for a realistic weight loss supplement:

Q. Why two capsules per day? 
A. “Some supplements offer a mega dose of active ingredients, but we believe two smaller doses a day have more health benefits. First, the active life of many ingredients in your body is only a few hours. So by having two capsules a day, you have a more even supply of active ingredients. Second, we believe two smaller doses is kinder to your body.”

Q. Why is your Garcinia Cambogia 60%? 
A. “As above, we believe that two daily doses of 500mg x 60% HCA are kinder to your body than taking, say, 1000mg capsules with 85% HCA. With herbal supplements, as with homeopathy, some people like the idea that 'less can be more'. There have been reports that too much HCA can cause an upset stomach.”

Q. Why 25mg of calcium per capsule? 
A. “It is well known that women lose calcium as they age. But according to WebMD in an article 'Drink yourself skinny', the authors write: ‘There's also good evidence that diets high in calcium are associated with reduced rates of being overweight or obese.’ Calcium is important for our Garcinia 40+ women's supplement.”

Q. Why 25mg potassium per capsule?
A. “Dr Nan Fuchs, Ph.D., wrote in an article 'Potassium for Energy And Anti-Aging', that: ‘Potassium combines with magnesium to help your muscles contract, while potassium and sodium help regulate fluids around your cells and keep you from retaining too much water. This is important because you may be holding on to three to five pounds of water weight!’ This means potassium helps you produce more energy ... and so lose weight.”

Q. Why 100mcg of chromium per capsule?
A. “In an article 'Chromium helps control blood sugar, curbs carb cravings and fights body fat', website NutritionExpress writes: ‘Chromium augments the actions of insulin, which ... effectively controls blood sugar (glucose) levels in people with intolerance to carbohydrates.’ So if you love carbs like bread, pasta and potatoes, chromium can help reduce the glycemic index downside of carb meals.”

Garcinia 40+ Blend is available exclusively on for home delivery to customers in the US. A 60-capsule, 30-day supply costs $26.99.

Click here to see the product details on Amazon.


About Muscadinex.

Based in North Carolina, in the heart of the muscadine vineyard area, Muscadinex specializes in high-quality natural health supplements. The Muscadinex MX1 original blend contains, per vegetarian capsule, 325mg of muscadine grape skin and 325mg of muscadine grape seed. Muscadine skin is a rich source of ellagic acid, resveratrol and other polyphenols. Muscadine seed is a powerful antioxidant and also contains gallic acid. Muscadinex is developing a range of products for seniors that will also be available on for home delivery to discerning customers in the US only. All products have a no-quibble, money back guarantee.

Contact details:
Mary Green
826 Pine Level Micro Road
P.O Box 924
Pine Level, NC  27568



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