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Disabilities Services Refuses to Help Severely Disabled Boy

HOUSTON, TEXAS, 15 August 2015

Due to his life-threatening medical condition, Mason, a severely disabled boy, has been consistently rushed to the hospital for the past 13 years. This young boy suffers from CHARGE syndrome, a genetic condition possessing a harrowing amount of symptoms affecting many parts of the body. Because of his condition since birth, Mason has endured an astounding array of medical issues, leaving him severely disabled.

The boy is well adjusted to hospital life, having undergone over 20 operations.

Mason, lacking the ability to drink or eat, must receive food through a tube into his stomach every two hours. Additionally, he cannot speak or hear, being profoundly deaf. Due to the condition, he also deals with heart problems, intellectual disability, and is forced to still wear diapers. In his younger years, he would throw up fifty times daily, and on his second birthday, he threw up all day and all night.

He is now battling with epileptic seizures. The risks of these seizures are tremendous because when he involuntarily falls to the floor, he risks not only injuring his head, but his tongue may block his airway and suffocate him. If there is no one there to watch him and make sure he is okay, he could die. Therefore, he must always have a caretaker present.

Disabilities Services has classified him as one of the most severely disabled people they have ever dealt with. Despite this, they will not help with funding towards his survival. Consequently, the family has set up a GoFundMe page, desperately looking for caretakers to watch Mason. All proceeds will go towards the payment of caretakers.

The genetic condition CHARGE Syndrome possesses a collection of obvious symptoms most often found in children. Influencing many parts of the body, the acronym of CHARGE stands for Coloboma of the eye; Heart disorders; Atresia of the nasal choane; Retardation in intellectual or physical growth; Genital or urinary problems; and ear problems accompanying deafness.

Only very few CHARGE syndrome cases actually manifest all the symptoms. According to Mason's father, Chris Parker, "Basically we are looking at providing for his future. Any help is much appreciated."

About Chris Parker:

Chris Parker, the father of Mason, has set up a caretaker fund on GoFundMe for his son, Mason. If you, or anyone you may know, is interested in donating to Mason’s caretaker fund, please visit:

Chris Parker


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