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UK Border Force Denies That There is a Canada UK Visa Waiver Agreement

A Canadian prospective student was reportedly told by UK authorities after being detained at the border without any violation following a day trip outside of the UK that there wasn't a Canada UK visa waiver agreement. He hadn’t violated any UK immigration laws and according to the UK Home Office guidance as well as other sources this individual should have been granted lawful re-entry without incident. Denying that there is a visa waiver agreement is as though a country denied that there was a treaty. They also denied internationally guaranteed rights such as the right to call the embassy. The UK has a history of rights violations, even against its own citizens to the extent that it was recently formally found to be a human rights violator by the United Nations. This situation is however unprecedented between Canada and the UK.


Denying that there is a visa waiver program with a country that's supposed to be an ally, denying internationally guaranteed rights of an individual who is a citizen of a country the UK is supposed to treat like a closely allied country is extremely unfriendly and terrifying behaviour. This is especially the case from a country that has recently shown a noted lack of concern with intentionally offending its trading partners and allies, even those that treat it best. This is a continuation and significant worsening of highly public reports of the deterioration of UK relations with its allies.


Deterioration of the UK and its relations with Canada as well as others includes but isn't limited to reports of harassment of Canadian citizens in the UK, cancellation of meetings between high level officials of allied countries such as President Obama and the Queen as well as other important UK officials later restated as “scheduling problems,” open intelligence and law enforcement flair ups with allies, systematic inability of UK law enforcement to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner in accordance with the law when Canadian citizens are victimized there at the moment, a failure to enforce the law when the victims are Canadians, reports of knowingly false prosecutions of Canadian citizens in the UK, reports of Crown Prosecution Services officially admitting that the UK is denying the rights of Canadian citizens while continuing to deny their rights, cyber attacks by UK nationals with apparent MI5 affiliations targeting allies defense and law enforcement resources, open threats of banning representatives and high level officials of allied countries, and much more. The UK has also taken offensive tones with numerous countries in the EU as well as with China among yet others. The UK’s decisions and behaviour toward this Canadian when this person attempted to re-enter the country after less than a full day to an immediately neighbouring country to explore possible education in the UK sets an extremely terrifying precedent for all travellers to Britain as well as the world, especially when you consider that wars have started over far less.

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