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Relationship Expert Zoë Burnzs Surprises With Eye Opening new Book “Strengthen Your Relationship By Having A Fake Affair”

Modern relationships can be more complicated than ever.  No one understands this better than popular relationship author Zoë Burnzs, well known for her honesty, humor and always on point advice.  Her new book may be her most controversial yet, “Strengthen Your Relationship By Having A Fake Affair”, a playbook for waking a relationship up and making it exciting again.

August 22, 2017

When a relationship falls into the trap of being “the same old thing”, of boring routines and no romance at all, nothing but trouble lies ahead.  Many relationship experts have given “Rated G” advice on how to rekindle a spark, but truthfully most leave a great deal to be desired (no pun intended).  The good news is popular, sometimes honest to a fault, relationship expert  Zoë Burnzs has tackled this important topic head on in her new book, “Strengthen Your Relationship By Having A Fake Affair”, filled with unconventional advice, but advice she has seen work brilliantly, again and again.

“When someone is taken for granted there's no better way to bring the romantic energy back than to give the impression they are being greatly desired by someone else,”  commented Burnzs, who proudly describers herself as having a B.A. in Love, and a Ph.D. in Relationships.  “It may seem a bit less than honest, but if the goal is to get a relationship brought back to life the tips in my new book deliver the goods.”

According to “Strengthen Your Relationship By Having an Affair”, a well thought out and executed love affair, often delivers some very real benefits, including highlights like: causing a man to remember just how valuable his woman is after all; to get him acting romantic again and doing the things he used to do back when the relationship was happy and fun; break it through his head that the woman does have other options, value and other guys find her attractive and much more.  Burnzs delivers this wisdom in her easy to follow step-by-step style, her readers have come to know and love.  No complicated theory, just things that can be put to work and put to work fast.

Early reviews of the new book have been very positive.

J.H., from California, recently said in a five star review, “Who knew a book on strengthening your relationship could be so much fun?  This how to guide will give you practical tips and sound advice on having a fake affair, and what the positive outcomes will be for your relationship.  Set out as a simple step-by-step guide, with some processes you can repeat again if you need to, this book is a creative way to help repair your relationship, and is based on relationship research.  Its well worth a read and an excellent trick or two to have up your sleeve.”

For more information be sure to visit


Thang Publishing

332 South Michigan Avenue

Suite 1032-T610

Chicago, IL 60604




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