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Digital Marketing Startup is Exposing Local Web Design Scam Artists

The digital marketing start up, Tycoon Machine LLC, is picking a fight with every web design firm, who they say, are ripping off local business owners with overpriced, unwarranted “digital garbage”   Most guys in this industry don’t want to burn bridges, these guys want to burn down their competition’s house.  Why so mad you ask?


In an industry that is primarily made up of graphic designers, tech bubble transplants, & IT dropouts, many of whom have no experience running an actual business, Tycoon Machine’s founding partners are comprised of a team of ultra-competitive, young entrepreneurs who all learned how to leverage technology for profit within their own startup companies. They also risked personal capital testing these systems to prove the strategies they preach.


The stimulus to enter the small to midsize digital marketing space was spurred by the founder’s past experience dealing with the inefficiencies & amateurism they witnessed first hand when dealing with web design firms within their own companies. 


The company was the brainchild of Raymond Schwartz, who utilized his extensive financial services & banking background in packaging a portfolio of Fortune 500 level digital marketing strategies to make them accessible to businesses of all sizes. He adapted the mutual fund business model to provide professional level digital brand management combined with enterprise grade creative & automation systems to companies that simply did not have the manpower or capital to pull them off.  By creating a predictable, systematic, & commoditized system for digital branding implementation Tycoon Machine can offer very high value services at a fraction of the cost offered by the local web “chop shops” as they call them. 


What proof do they have to back these claims? 


Rather than just study charts & review financial statements, the founders took a more hands on approach when conducting their competitive analysis.  Each member put on their best performance when meeting with over 50 localized web firms to receive quotes and proposals. They witnessed sales tactics rivaled by only a used car salesman, complete lack of business savvy, antiquated presentations, and huge price disparities just to name a few things. Many companies found it hard to even provide quantifiable reasoning behind each charge. Close to 80% could not provide simple metrics on how they would judge whether the project was a success or failure.  Ripping people off for simple tasks was also very prevalent. 23 firms, quoted over $2,500 to implement a simple website tool, that they claim, takes novice developers no more than 1 hour to complete.


Since confidentiality & copyright does not allow them to reproduce these proposals to the public, they have gotten creative in how they will combat this corrupt competition.


“Most of these firm’s own company sites look like relics from the tech bubble” says the founder Raymond L. Schwartz. “A perfect analogy would be if you walked into an interior decorators office & the furniture looked like it could be from the set of 90210, the appliances are from the 90s, the color combos are mismatched, & all the picture frames are filled with those cheesy stock pictures that come with the frame.  Would you hire them to design your home or office? Then why would you hire a web design firm that cannot even take the time and effort to create a quality product for themselves to build your brand online?”


To stop the madness, Tycoon Machine has started a online blog that roasts these company’s own websites.  Before they release the first critique they have created a checklist for you to test your own site & web design providers so you know if you have a digital disaster on your hands. Click Here


They do not plan on starting this fight all alone. Tycoon Machine has created a scalable business model that partners with localized freelancers to produce anything from online videos to promotional events. “We believe that home grown knowledge is the key to capturing and producing creative that connects best with local clientele, while also helping to keep dollars within the business community.”


While Tycoon Machine’s official launch date is Oct. 5th, they have spent extensive hours & countless dollars to architect & package these complex digital marketing sequences to run on what they call an automated digital assembly line.  They refer to themselves not as web designers or developers, but as “Digital Capitalists” who help entrepreneurs & brands digitally manifest their greatness through a calibrated toolbox of digital growth hack marketing modules.  They are starting the digital revolution in South Florida and plan on expanding nationwide by Q4 2015.


Raymond L. Schwartz III

President & Founder

Tycoon Machine LLC

(410) 302-4952

2001 N. Ocean Blvd

Ft Lauderdale, FL 33305

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