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tru*Lite the source for the most versatile bike light set on Amazon wants to pass on information on how important a tactical flash light can be to your families safety.

What is a tactical flashlight?

A tactical flashlight has a different purpose than your normal kitchen cabinet model. Tactical flashlights are designed with different materials, usually aerospace grade aluminum. They are designed for high impact stress and most are water resistant if not water proof. Most tactical flashlights have anti-roll profiles and are usually small enough to easily fit in a pocket. If you are looking for a light for a self defense weapon of choice you will most likely be using a tactical flashlight.

Why should you carry a tactical flashlight?

Self Defense – Tactical flashlights can easily assist you in a self-defense situation. Most modern tactical flashlights are very bright. If someone is threatening you, just flash the light in their eyes and blind them temporarily while you make your get away or maneuver into position. Also, a lot of tactical flashlights have bezel edges. If you blind an attacker and then strikethem on the head with your flashlight, that could stun them and will break the skin at a minimum. This and may cause bleeding that could disorientate the attacker and effect their vision. As blood gets in there eyes, this can give you those extra precious few seconds to get away to a safer place.

Identify threats – It’s a light. If you are ever walking in the dark and need to shine a light on a dark or murky area, your trusty flashlight is perfect for that. With the brightness of modern tactical flashlights you can do this from a pretty good distance too.

Help in emergency situations – In an emergency, the power can go out or if you break down on the side of the road at night. Having your flashlight on you will mean that you instantly have light, and may make a bad situation a little less stressful.

Everyday use – Seriously, you will be amazed at the number of times you will reach for your flashlight that you never thought of. You might even have other people asking to borrow yours.Take it on your next camping trip and family adventure, your next home improvement or car project. There are thousands of potential uses.

The tru*Lite Bicycle Light Set is more than just a bike light. It is also a tactical flash light. Use it to help keep your family safe at all times. With it’s many uses and a price point of around $20 it is affordable and versatile at the same time especially considering many of the tactical flashlights on the market, price at $50-$100 and more and many with less features. For this price you can afford to have multiple sets. The tru*Lite Bicycle Light Set, is being sold on Amazon. Hurry, go to facebook@truLitebikelight, hit the shop now button and get yours today.

Tim And Kathie Ansley

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