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Cell Phone Health Warnings Clear are Clear

                                                                 Do not hold Your Cell Phone Next to Your Head!

October 20, 2017. Santa Monica California. The cell phone health warning debate is over for many mobile phone users.  The message is clear, keep your phone away from your body, unless you have some type of radiation protection on your phone. Still not convinced?  Consider this. Cell phone manufacturers print health warnings in the user manual regarding potential exceeded radiation levels when holding the device next to the head. Apple and other phone manufacturers displays radiation warnings in the operating system of the device.  

Phone service carriers continue to refuse to offer EMF protected options to customers out of fear of losing customers. So health conscious consumers look at other options to spend money and find solutions.  

Radiation Blocking Cell Phone cases are an excellent way to block cell phone radiation directed to the brain. However, there are some key points to consider.

1. All Phone Cases Don't Block Radiation: Phone cases do not block the radiation unless specially constructed to do so, using special EMF shielding materials.

2.  Back Mounted Radiation Blocking Cases Increase Radiation Exposure: EMF phone cases that mount to the back of your phone, do not block the radiation transmitted out of the front of phone directed towards your brain where it is needed. These cases could actually increase radiation exposure by reflecting back radiation transmitted out of the back of the phone towards the phone.

3. Radiation Blocking Flip Phone Cases Best Options:  One of the best solutions for radiation protection are flip cover phone cases. However not all EMF protection flip cases not the same. Many vendors can damage the shielding material in the construction process or buy from cheap Chinese subcontractors and stick their label on the case for cheap non-effective cases.  Cruz Cases ( is an effective solutions, well constructed and high quality shielding material claiming to block up to 99.9% with a maximum 60 decibels of signal attenuation without interfering with cell tower reception. Founder, John Cruz, often personally supervises the manufacturing to ensure the correct construction and maximum radiation protection.

"An effective radiation protective case begins with the correct frequency blocking material. But the manufacturing process must be correct or the shielding quality will be damaged", says John Cruz, Founder of Cruz Cases. (

These popular devices are now a way of life and are not going anywhere. With so many health warnings from the experts and now the manufacturers themselves, risk reducing measures are now available. 

Cruz Cases

John Cruz

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