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Presentain Has Been Developed as the Latest Tool for Lecture Performance of Educators

Presentain has been developed as the latest tool for lecture performance of educators with recording options, interactive features such as real-time polls, questions and many others, which would make education not only effective but as well as an enjoyable and fun one. The company encourages educators to participate in their pilot program so that they can upgrade and expand their features for a more interactive and satisfying way of learning for students. 

Given that the most common effective alternative today to present in class is through the use of a PowerPoint presentation, Presentain is positive that through participating in their pilot program, this will give the educators with a fantastic and more effective kind of presentation which will surely get their students more engaged and interested. This will build an impressive alternative in the method of teaching and learning. 

Presentain has been developed to help presenters make more engaging and interactive presentations. This way, they are assured that their audience will learn and completely understand the sole purpose of their presentation and make them an impressive presenter.  Initially, Presentain works by simply recording the presenter’s presentation online via Presentain app. Then right after that, they will instantly receive feedbacks and up audience engagement. Hence, when they know what their audience thinks about their presentation, they can improve their presentation to make it a satisfying one for the presenter and a great one for their audience. However, as Presentain wants to advance more of their service, they are encouraging educators to take part in their pilot program so that they can help them discover the needs of their students, hence, they can develop improvements in Presentain vital for their students’ advanced learning process.    

With Presentain, educators are expected to create a new and improved alternative in their teaching method. Given that students now are very intelligent and active in class, this alternative to their traditional lecturing method will surely make their students more willing to participate in discussions and effectively and excitingly learn while not forgetting to have fun.  

Presentain is the new innovation when it comes to public presentation. They know how nerve-wracking it is sometimes to talk in front of an audience and to successfully surpass an informative and well-performed presentation. To make educator prepared and ensure that they will have the best and most interactive presentation ever, Presentain is here at their back, ready to back them up, whether it is a simple or a very important presentation of their life.  

"Presentation helps me intensify learning in the class and capture the material without any additional efforts," says Yuriy Trius, Doctor of Education, and Professor. 

"I have used Presentation for many presentations and the overall reaction is shock and awe. If you aren't using presentation to flip your class, catch absent student up or sharing information with others, you are missing out. As a teacher, there is nothing better to share information. I recommend it to every teacher and presenter I know," says Jonathan Smith, Alliance City School, USA.


To know more about Presentain and it works, click on these pages,, as well as their pilot page at

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