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Focus Productions Bares the Tips on How to Become Successful in the Field of Wedding Videography

Every bride dreams of having a magical and wonderful wedding. Having a wedding in a wonderful and peaceful place like Toronto is a perfect place for the wedding couple to say their “I do’s” and promise to each other an eternal love. When planning a wedding, seeking the help of a professional wedding vendor is key to make the wedding day perfect for everyone especially to the wedding couple. When choosing and shopping for the wedding essentials like the wedding accessories, wedding venues and special services, it is important to select the best wedding ones not merely based on the costs, but more on the quality. Wedding videography is one of the most vital services that should be chosen carefully.

Focus Production, a group a professional South Asian wedding videographers in Toronto holds not only a nice camera but also years of skills and knowledge that enabled them to achieve the height of their current expertise. A great videographer like the videographers of Focus Production is one who can add dramatic effects to the video output and produce stellar quality wedding videos.

Taking shots during wedding events can be fun but how well does one know that he is really producing stellar shots? Here are some tips from Focus Production to any aspiring wedding videographer on how to produce memorable and truly captivating shots during wedding events:

Keep Steady – Keep your camera steady. If necessary, use tripod. A shaky video can result to bad reviews and would therefore affect your referral points from clients.

Wide, Medium and Close Up. When shooting, a wedding videographer must be aware about the angles. According to, “Shooting wide open with a fast “normal” lens, like the venerable 50mm f/1.8 will give you a beautiful motion-picture look with soft out of focus areas and using great camera angles will deliver an exciting wedding video. Shooting high definition can reveal makeup imperfections, lipstick smudges, pet hairs on clothes and a host of other distractions.”
Background – The wedding video output must be something that would captivate the wedding couple and the guests once they have their copy. But how will you do that? When shooting a video, make sure you have a great background. The background adds a dramatic effect to the video.
Time Lapse – Time lapse is very important when capturing moments. The videographer need not to worry about making this time lapses as most camera nowadays are equipped with time lapse settings.
Lighting – Just like in photography, make sure that the videos are well lit. Lighting is very important to make videos especially on special events.
Framing – Also, like photography, the videographer must follow the old rule when taking a shot or video. It’s called the rule of thirds.
Zoom – Images lose its quality when the zoom feature is being used. Hand held shots tend to produce shaky videos.  When taking the shots, what professional wedding videographers do is that they their two feet and walk towards the subject that they want to take a close up shot with.
Overshooting – Most amateurs shoot everything and anything in an even. In order to become a professional wedding videographer, a must know what to shoot, where to shoot, and how to shoot perfect scenes.

Wedding videography has become a flourishing trade especially with the invention of high tech gears used for video-making. This thus paves way for wedding videography enthusiasts to display their talents and eventually build their businesses. Being an ultimately idiosyncratic type of event, weddings would always pose challenge for wedding videographers, even to the most experienced ones. The key to learning the most unique, most captivating, and most marketable wedding videography styles is to continuously learn from the experts, from the bridal couples (as they showcase their personalities during the engagement shoots and on the wedding day itself), and from any wedding event opportunity that comes in a wedding videographer’s way.

About Focus

Focus is a family business that started in 2009. They practice and easy going and non-invasive style, however this does not mean they putting the quality of their services and products at risk, they just understand that some of their client may be uncomfortable with cameras. Through the years, the family grew and so is their production studio. Presently, Focus houses more than 20 talented Toronto wedding photographers and videographers catering to all Toronto weddings and the occasional destination weddings.

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