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“The Emerald Doorway” Reveals Suppressed History Of Earth And Our Solar System

For Immediate Release:

“The Emerald Doorway” Reveals Suppressed History Of Earth And Our Solar System

December 11th, 2015--The Emerald Doorway (Three Mystic Crystals) - Book One of The Parallel Time Trilogy series - is R. Scott Lemriel’s new uplifting fictional story based entirely upon his direct fort plus years of experiential research exploring a very important aspect of the deliberately hidden ancient history of Earth and our solar system along the past time-track. What is revealed in the chapters is designed to assist the reader’s to recover much about their own ancient suppressed history that extends into the distant past far beyond this one lifetime. This hidden history, intentionally suppressed in the subconscious domain of the vast majority of people on our planet today, involved influences of benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrial races then and this is still going on today - hidden behind the classified scenes worldwide.

The adventure story is woven with eye-opening events that are designed to assist the readers to begin to recall what is real beyond the suppressive illusion that is covertly artificially created for all mankind on Earth today.  Hidden truths are uncovered that can dispel the murky mists of distorted conventionally accepted wisdom and help change the fate of humanity like a drowning man coming up for gulps of fresh life-saving air.

R. Scott Lemriel, author, screenwriter, director, music composer, and mystical hidden truth-revealing researcher for over forty years, has completed The Emerald Doorway: a deeply engaging powerful story of courage in the face of great diabolical adversity, rare romance, and both kind and destructive extraterrestrial involvement, while the survival of the entire planet and every living thing hangs in the balance. Here is what the author says:

“The Emerald Doorway, and the two sequels stories of The Parallel Time Trilogy titled, Guardians of the Ancient One & Journey to the Center of the Universe were created for the reader’s entertaining adventuresome fun, and for the purpose of sharing this unique uplifting and highly revealing channel of a most important aspect of the deliberately hidden history of Earth and our solar system for the reader’s potential unexpected benefit. I was on fire with the inspiration to write the trilogy story based upon the many extraordinary consciousness expanding events I have thirstily and gratefully embraced throughout this lifetime, and from the inspiring beneficial effect my music compositions woven with these experiences have had on me and others over many decades.”

Explore to your heart’s content the many aspects of the author’s website located at: Find free videos presentations R. Scott Lemriel conducted around the world and listen to his interviews on many radio shows. A clearly revealed link on the main page goes to a page with large images of the front and back covers for The Emerald Doorway (Three Mystic Crystals) and The Seres Agenda final 4th edition with a special techniques section added at the back. For your convenience, direct link connections to the print book and e-book sales pages at the various major on-line retailers are provided around the book cover images. You can also find the author’s video presentations on YouTube, and books information and links on, &

Scott Lemriel 


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