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Back Reiterates Honing of Defensive Driving Skills to Prevent Road Traffic Accidents

Much has been said about the alarming and distressing increase in automotive accidents and in fact, this is one of the most distressing problems that most countries are facing. These different states are continuously searching for effective ways to resolve this dilemma because these car collisions and car crashes have brought about debilitating injuries as well as tragic deaths among its victims.

This season is one of the most treacherous and unsafe time of the year to be driving on the road because of the pre-documented vehicular accidents that are stated in the reports. Because of this, law and traffic enforcers of each state promote and support the advocacy of taking defensive driving courses from the CA DMV online traffic school. This is for the main purpose of teaching people driving strategies and techniques to avoid getting into road traffic accidents.

Based on reports, it has been approximated that about 22% of the car crashes have been associated with the weather and most car collisions and crashes have transpired during the winter season, more so because of the holiday rush where most people are on the road jumping from mall to mall to shop. This makes the month of December the most perilous month for vehicular accidents.

As car crash incidents continue to escalate, authorities have made campaigns to caution drivers to improve and hone defensive driving skills. Doing this, the reduction of incidences of fatal road accidents will be a great possibility and what’s best about it is that there might also be a reduction in the insurance rates. Finding an accredited online traffic school would be the ideal decision.   

Here are some of the simplest defensive driving strategies that can be utilized for road safety:

·         Avoidance of Distractions. Modern vehicles are equipped with televisions, sound systems that could really be a distraction to motorists. One of the most common causes of driving distraction is the use of smartphones while driving on the road. The best thing to do at this point is to keep the sounds low and to turn all other mobile devices off so that drivers would not be tempted to answer calls and check text messages while traveling.

·         Do not be in a hurry. It's best to take it slow, but not to the point that other drivers will be annoyed. Drive at a speed prescribed on the road signs. Slowing down a bit might mean a huge difference between arriving safely at the destination and getting caught up in a catastrophic car accident.

·         Avoid lane hopping. Drivers who frequently take sudden lane switches are the ones who get involved in car crashes. Driving along the freeway with another driver making unsafe lane switches make other drivers nervous, this intensifies the risk of having road traffic accidents as other drivers get confused and find it difficult to keep the focus on their own driving and the road.

·         Avoid Responding to Aggressive Drivers. Some drivers can get too hostile and violent on the road, what should be done in these instances is to just slow down and let them pass. It’s best to ensure that they have really gotten far away before getting back on the road. Walking away from incidences like these would prevent any occurrences of road rage that might lead to more devastating situations.

About Champion Traffic School
It is an online traffic school which is approved by the CA DMV to help in the dismissal of every driver's traffic tickets in all the counties and courts in California. They ensure every client that they will be provided with a complete module to keep their driving records clean and escalating the insurance premium. They also keep your electronic reports updated without having to spend extra money for this service. Best of all, they are accessible anytime and anywhere.

Dimitry Vital
PR and Marketing @ Champion Traffic School
Telephone: 626-964-9980
Email Address:

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