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Path of Exile 3.1 Ranger Pathfinder Level FAQs

Hey guys, I am from - the famous path of exile currency supplier. How do you feel with the Path of Exile 3.1 version, The War for the Atlas expansion and Abyss Leagues has already started, so is this the version you'd like to see and play? You know, there are some changes with Ranger Pathfinder in POE 3.1, you may need have some questions about the leveling of Ranger Pathfinder, that's why I am here:

Why no Leveling tree?

I really want you to understand the sport, think about what node does change up the current condition of the char. in what manner.

In fact it is really relied on your present gear and playstyle. The only real factor i suggest is visit duelist area first rather than witch area.

You are able to grab damage or life nodes when you want for this, because they are around the pathing line.

Exactly why is your Tooltip s low?

Well which was over a CI/ LowLife Character before 3. lol

Haven't seen every other Wander which has similar Stat's (without losing defense) except some fully mirrored Build.

Why don't you Raider?

Pathfinder is capable of 1 Additional Projectile for Barrage that is a Huge Dps. boost.

Also boosting Evasion through Flask is really a key feature to obtain the Defense and Speed we desire.

This together can not be arrived at like a Raider.

Why don't you using Tempest Binding?

Tempest Binding is really ideal for Boosting Kinetic Blast.

Which isn't needed, this Build and many other Wander Build's will obvious t16 Trash having a 3/4 Link Kinetic blast.

Also you need to Boost Barrage DPS on any slot possible, so Rat's Nest is BIS.

Why don't you using Yriel's Fostering?

All builds need res.

Crit build's need accu and crit chance additionally.

Res on QotF, attackspeed, accu, and crit chance on Yriel's are suffixes, that may roll on anything.

For instance: Amulets, Ring's, Mitts and Sheilds too.

This will make the initial stats on Yriel not necessarily unique, the Evasion/Movement speed scalling of QotF is and makes this build fast and defensive.

Getting the initial dps stats of yriels on other gear slots virtually Breaks it also, evaluating it to QotF: When it comes to dps.

Is not 5.7k ant life low for that Current Condition from the Game?

In the start looking it appears low, as some HC players play using more than 10k life .

Yet this Build has lots of Layers of Defense that raise the effective life pool with a lot!

High life Pool is useless with no layer's above it.

Will i require the  1 Barrage Entchant and Dying Sun to really make it work?

No it isn't needed until you need to Get rid of the very Endgame Bosses

But you'll require the Flask's and 6L QotF.

 1 Barrage Enchant can also be ok.

Is really a  1 Barrage Enchant enough?

Yes it's! :3

Why no Thunderfists?

They deliver great Dps. But don't have any life .

Utilize them for leveling before you get good Rare Mitts.

Is that this a great League Starter Build?

It's, because you start like a Elemental Bow Char, the origin of DPS is going to be mostly from Wrath, Added, Lightning and Flat Elemental Damage on Gear.

That is simple to achieve.

Yet in the Current condition you'll have to be a master at generating currency because the Key Item's are much more costly right now.

Why i keep always dying and my dps. isn't good.

This can be a Pathfinder Build, you need to be mindful by what flask's you utilize and just what roll's they've.

Also every Rare item and it is stat's will scale the DPS and Defense, find bargain Patchwork Rare's and you'll have a poor time.

Not using Stibnite or Jade Flask, you'll have a bad time.

How Costly is that this Build

It's fairly cheap to begin with, yet toward's endgame it'll get quite costly.

Temp League Prices: Wand ~5-6 Ex, Helmet with Enchant ~15-30 ex just two examples.

EDIT: Price's are presently exploding, check key item's on before thinking about this build.

If you want to find some good tips to farm orbs in Abyss League, you can check this article:, ok, if you are too busy to farm orb by yourself, you can just buy path of exile orbs from r4pg, which would be a nice choice too. By the way, it's the best time to join R4PG Xmas and New Year Event to win $100 worth Game Currency  

Also to see: An Amazing & Low Budget Inquisitor Templar Build?—?Abyss League?—?Atlas

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