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The Online Business Bureau is proud to have helped many consumers resolve their complaints directly with the company they had a problem with.

Here are a few kind comments from some of the people we have helped:

Thank you for being on the web. You made me feel better knowing I could complain and know you will do something. So glad I found you! -- Diane Thompson

l recently contacted you about Auto Marketing System about a complaint. My ticket # is 16834. l would like to thank-you for getting me my refund and for doing it in a timely matter. l believe it wouldn't have been done as quickly as it was if l did not get the OBB involved. Thank you again. -- Peter Halagian

I can't express enough how much I appreciate your help. There are very few out there who really care to assist people in these matters. You are the best! -- Carole MacCoy

Just today, the company I complained about finally responded and refunded my money. -- Andrew DeVille

They finally sent my refund thanks to you guys. You may close my complaint. -- David Olson

Thank you for your help. After you contacted them, they responded back to me and I received my ring from from V.Y. Domingo Jewellers Incorporated. I could not have gotten it resolved without the Online Business Bureau. -- Trinette Smith

Hi, I would like to close my complaint file. My ring was finally delivered to me yesterday after 6 months of waiting. Thanks! -- Lisa McMillan

I wrote a complaint to you in March regarding Auto Marketing Systems. I wanted to thank you so much for working with me to obtain the $149.00 refund I requested for non-service. I hope you are thanked often for your hard work. -- Elyse Giffors

This is to inform the OBB that today April 4, I received a check in the amount of $647.50 from ExclusiveSales. Therefore I am withdrawing my complaint against this company. I also THANK THE OBB for being so relentless in persuing a resolution for me. We sincerely appreciate all your effort. -- Porfirio Rey

National Home Savers has refunded my money and my complaint is resolved. Thank you soooo much for your work and help. -- Sue Emery

I can't thank you enough for your help in resolving this matter. Without your help I don't think they ever would have sent the refund to me. Thank You again! -- Roger Authier

Personal Magic delivered their products. I am withdrawing my complaint as it has been resolved. -- Catharina Van Aert

Thank you for all your help in getting my refund back from AMS sales. I got an e-mail last nite they are finally processing it. -- Carolyn Sievers

I received an email today from Auto Marketing Systems stating that my credit card was refunded… Thank you! -- Sherry Sweeney

Timeshares Around The World did refund $700.00. I wish to withdraw the complaint. -- Charles Roger Butler

I received my refund today. Problem resolved. Thank you! -- Marlene Dziadkowicz

Dear Online Business Bureau: Maverick Marketing refunded my money in full. Thank you for your help... -- Mary Carney

I finally got my credit card credited back with the $149.00 on August 18. So you can close this complaint and I thank you very much for helping me because I am sure without your help and my many many phone calls I would not of received it. Thanks again! -- Elizabeth Schmitt

Complaint 12271 with Steve Manning was resolved. Steve not only issued a refund, but sent me a copy of his book free of charge to apologize for my trouble. I'm VERY SATISFIED with the outcome and want to be sure that Steve Manning's file reflects the positive outcome. Thanks for your help on this. -- Laura Keefer

The complaint against VetDepot has been resolved. They refunded my order. Thank You! -- Rebecca Poma

I recently received my refund check from Wayside Gardens. Thank you for your assistance. -- Geraldine Douglas called and we have resolved the issue with the refund being credited back to our account. The issue has been resolved. Thank you for your immediate response to my issue with them. -- Javier and Mary Jimenez

The company has contacted me and I am satisfied with the outcome of the conversation. Thank you so much for your time. -- Cheryl Howard

The Company Biovervelabs in La Holla CA. has reimbursed my money. Thank you. -- Peggy Gellesky

I filed a complaint about funsideup. They have settled it and credited the money. -- Nancy Claggett

The store gave me a new product instead and really made it right for me. Thanks. -- Tyler Nelson

I filed a complaint about TET Cycles. We have been able to resolve this issue. We have received the product we paid for. -- Jason Harms

I have since been in successful dialog with the company, and am satisfied wih the results. Thank you for the support from your website. Im glad that you have given me a voice in this situation. -- Anthony Dixon

The complaint has been satisfied. Thank you very much. -- Judy Shelton

My complaint with Johnson Rv is being resolved as they have informed me that they have agreed to return to me my deposit, and it is now being processed. Thank you for your help in this. -- Robin Greenawalt

My problem has been resolved. -- Tori Bazinet

Complaint No. 10699 against Electrolux/Frigidare Co. They have replaced my refrigerator and the problem has been resolved. -- John Badalamenti

My complaint against International Luthiers Supply, Inc. has been resolved. I received a check from them so this can now be closed. Thank you. -- Howard Morris

The complaint filed on Nov.22 on Ultimate Shopping Network has been resolved. Thank you for your help in this matter. -- Linda Bartley

My complaint with Airco Auto parts in California has been resolved. My credit card company has already reversed the charges on my credit card. I got a return receipt from Airco, that they finally received their defective Air conditioning compressor. So, they have their defective product back. And, I got my refund back through my credit card company. -- Robert Matthews

This complaint has been resolved between TMI and myself. Thank you for your assistance. -- Anne Causey

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